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Friday, April 18, 2014

The Drunken Dolt 04 18 2014

The Drunken Dolt 04 18 2014

Have you ever talked to someone who went out the night before and they talk in a stupor.  Sometimes you can even smell the alcohol still on their breath.  You always say to yourself what makes them sound so stupid is the hangover!  But I don't believe that is true!  They could be sober for an entire 6 months and still sound stupid, like they were drunk.  Now we have to attribute the cause of that stupidity to the alcohol in the first place because we know that is what causes people to talk stupid!

But another point I didn't want to make but will.  Have their been defendants, witnesses,  lawyers and judges who have had directed energy weapons used on them in order to discredit them by making them sound confused and stupid?  That is a violation of every single inalienable right you have!

Nixon screwed up the White House back in the early 70's that way!  For all we really know every single thing that Barrack Obama or any other President thinks is being controlled like a puppet on a string!  They would never know it because it is below threshold of hearing and it relates to certain ideas of their imagination being positively enforced as they think by whatever beast is "listening."

And who would be controlling those beliefs?  The Drunken Dolt!

How would the American public feel if they knew an inbred white hillbilly with missing teeth sipping on a bottle of Tennessee Whiskey was controlling everything that Barrack Obama thought?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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