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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The United States Constitution and Religion 04 24 2014

The United States Constitution and Religion 04 24 2014

The United States Constitution is very clear on religion! Amendment 1. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
Everyone wants to make you confused over the interpretation of that and they have indeed been successful in doing so!  To correctly interpret it you have to realize that when the founding fathers fled The Kings Religion of England they said it was the equivalent to the Jews escaping from Egypt!  They never wanted anyone to ever have to go through that kind of abuse ever again!  Hence we are not allowed to write laws that are “RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION.” 
Here is the definition of respect.
Respect means to hold in high esteem!  To admire!
The Constitution was written by those who had one of the greatest commands of the English language in history!
The opposite of RESPECT is disrespect!  Because of the spirit of that law the implication is that we may indeed write laws that disrespect an establishment of religion?  No but most of those laws that we would want to write with regard to that are already written in terms of our criminal law!  With regard to the sexual molestation of children by the Catholic Church.  We can’t write laws that say that is okay to do because that is respecting religion!  And when you have that much abuse it is indeed part of religion!  Even one count of it would have been too much!
Now it gets fuzzy here with what an establishment of religion is versus what isn’t.  Can you establish a religion that violates human rights?  I suppose you can but each and everyone who did so is still criminally liable for their actions!  There is no kings shield available as a religion!  In effect limited liability as in a Corporation is a Kings shield and a violation of the Constitution as it respects religion!  So limited liability is unconstitutional!  Most of us human beings have known that all our lives!
Because the Government gave religion a charitable tax break they have indeed made a law that respects the establishment of religion!  AND THEY WERE NOT ALLOWED TO DO THAT PER OUR CONSTITUTION!
Religion is a personal and spiritual concept, it has to do with personal beliefs.  Personal beliefs ultimately boil down to whether you believe in yourself or not.  “The free exercise thereof” means that you are free to believe whatever you want!  If you want to believe you are like Jesus Christ and should be no one should have ever been able to create a medical document saying you are mentally ill because of it like the DSM 3 did?  It also means that you should never have to pay a cost for your beliefs; because it is free! 
I believe that the Constitution states that we may not make a law that respects religion!  It doesn't say that we can't make laws that disrespect religion!
For example if there were a religion that believed in drinking alcohol while a woman was pregnant or during conception in order to create babies with impaired hippocampus function we could indeed weigh in heavily on that.  As without a healthy hippo campus a person is not defined as a human being because they do not have the learning and memory capacity that creates both human conscience and human reason.  So in effect that religion would be one that was not creating beings that are compatible to live with regard to the rights of others in the United States!
Also psychiatry is the exact equivalent of the Vondoon religion of zombifying human beings!  Therefore non one can ever be force medicated because it would be creating a law that respects religion!  We cannot create laws that respect religion!
Like it or not the Pro-Life movement is indeed a form of religion and hence Congress can make no law respecting the pro life movement!  And not only that, just because that baby in the womb has a beating heart does not mean it will be born a human being!  Like it or not again, a human being is defined to have human reason and a human conscience (its OWN) per the United Nations Universal Bill of Human Rights!
It is very interesting that every single aspect of you Constitution has been challenged and defeated in some manner, but the one regarding religion has not even once been correctly interpreted!
And what happens when a criminal justice system fails to prosecute 43 cases of child pornography (as I read in the Milwaukee Journal) because they believe that human beings should be able to watch it and produce it?  It means that our Criminal justice system has been completely corrupted!  It means we have judges of poor character in place, if not the term devil!
I am absolutely amazed at how our constitution has been subverted and broken by the ink from the tip of snakes tongues!
Making a drug that violates the right of a human being to be free from addiction (liberty) is also a violation of the fact that laws cannot be made that respect religion!  Addictive drugs are their own religion!  They are of the spirit and a bad one!  One might make the contradiction between a holy spirit of a human beings soul and an unholy spirit of a drug user!  We can’t make laws that make them legal, even though we did in 1932, but we can make laws that prevent you from becoming addicted because it violates your right to Liberty!  Liberty meaning freedom and those who are addicted have indeed lost their freedom because they cannot stop doing something.  Now you and I see that and say he/she could stop anytime they wanted?  That is not what addiction means!  Their right to that freedom, the freedom to be normal, the freedom to conceive normal children has indeed been taken from them!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Legal background, Was an equity research analyst, passed the CPA exam the first time that I took it in 1991 and often debated with my father who attended Marquette Law School.  A man once told me that the rich people who live on Pine Lake Waukesha County Wisconsin have a saying and it is this, “That is the mind to beat.”

And with regard to churches.  Do religions actually need them?  No they can peacefully assemble in public places if they wish.   There is nothing that states we are to have to pay a sales tax to create giant churches for them!  Also wasn't a Roman Colosseum really like a horrific church?  Look what went on in them!  I think of that as I look at the player from the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team who has a 1" cut under his left eye from being hit by a Milwaukee Brewer!  We paid a sales tax to have that facility constructed.  And to watch chosen sons on steroids make millions of dollars from playing a game and gashing other players eyes?  That reads more like a religion to me than a public service project!

Surveillance and illegal search and seizure are also religious concepts!  And they are creepy ones!  Hence the Constitution banned them!  For that very reason!  They are actions that respect a creeps re legion!  However that didn't stop mad man George Bush or Barrack Obama from saying they are necessary!

Most of our Criminal legal code DISRESPECTS the rights of Religion that the actions of those involved in religion are undertaking! And we have to do that in order to ensure our freedom!  Do you understand what it means now?  No one wants to see an aboriginal American scalping others and claiming its his religion!  No one wants to see an aboriginal cannibal eating human brains in the United States and claiming his is protected by the Constitution and religion!  It doesn't work that way! 

If you agree with me on some of this please sign any and all of my petitions:
Here are the links to the current ones.

The relevant ones here are the death penalty for dealers of addictive drugs and child molesters and nationalization of all church assets.  Some might agree that religions are businesses.  However then they cannot be religion!  There can be no business in belief systems that violate personal beliefs or ones belief in themself?  And what happens when one parishioners father does not pay as much as the wealthy business mans to the school church?  The poor child becomes abused as the pagan sacrifice doesn't he!  Because it is a business and not a religion!

If criminal conduct occurred and there was a group effort to hide that on church premises can the Government take those buildings and land via eminent domain?  ABSOLUTELY!  The rule is what are you the equivalent of?  Are you the equivalent of Organized Crime?  If yes then we don't want you here in the United States!

Here is the link to the links of my current petitions!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 04 24 2014 at:
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

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