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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Worm Gear C Clamp Inventions Needed 04 01 2014

The Worm Gear C Clamp Inventions Needed 04 01 2014

This would essentially be just like a C Clamp accept instead of the turning handle being on top of the threaded post it would be a worm gear based on at a right angle to it!

This would have implications and end uses whereby when working on a piece of equipment it would be easier to turn from the side than from the top!  It would allow for easier access and tightening on some pieces.  Also I believe that much more torque can be put on such a worm gear.

The turning handed would be located on the worm gear to the back of one top of the C Clamp.  Thus the turning handle worm gear would not advance in and out but rather control the threaded clamp post that previously had the handle on it.

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