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Saturday, April 19, 2014

You can’t see me if I drink is why Prohibition was Defeated 04 19 2014

# 4 You can’t see me if I drink is why Prohibition was Defeated

What happened was that as people started to sober they saw the monkey among us!  That monkey among us got nervous and when on a serial killing spree!  For the monkey believes in the you can’t see me principle!  If it covers its eyes you can’t see it!  If it drinks alcohol you can’t see it either! 
It wants to start its every next day off believing that a human being doesn’t know what they do!
If you have ever watched a tiger stalking prey it believes in that same predator principle; you can’t see me! For you are only as smart as it is!  And anyone that is smarter than it is a lethal danger to it!
If your normal child see’s that monkey the monkey will rather quickly attempt to ruin their lives through drugs, alcohol or sexual abuse.  And once again the monkey has gotten away with it hasn’t it!  For no one has thought to belief it was the monkey among us doing those things!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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My other morning writings in Response to an online article titled Obama is the deer in Putins headlights  by Chris Street at the American Thinker (and I didn't even read it!)

#3 And here is what needs to be the resolution with regard to this!  If you want to limit people to being only as smart as the fetal alcohol syndrome people then we have to take away all the alcohol in the entire world and put forth the death penalty to those who promote and propagandize it!  And this needs to be done for the future of humanity!
# 2And it is really part of a  bad world religion where peoples lives are ruined by the primate minded through alcohol and drugs!  Because that primate only knows what it see’s in its mind’s eye, that is all it wants to know, and the killings are part of an effort to maintain monotheism!  Monotheism being that the defective primate minded only want to see out of one true human beings eye and all the rest are killed!


Response #1 The Communist/Organized criminal tribal element of the world had Kennedy killed too; but in his case because he respected freedom and human rights!  The reason they don’t like Obama is because they want health care to be an opportunity for selective genocide!  And both Barrack and Putin have about the same reflective and reactionary minds of women to me. 

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