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Monday, April 7, 2014

Anyone working in media would be immediately fired for 04 07 2014

Anyone working in media would be immediately fired for 04 07 2014

Anyone working in media  (Television, Radio, Paper Newspaper) would be immediately fired for questioning whether Schizophrenia might actually be a medical fraud.

Also members of church's, the military, our educational system, medical community, our criminal justice system, Corporate Management would also be fired.  If you doubt me, write it in your paper or state on a scientific television show!

It is the, "Lady protests too much principle,"  -why the big taboo over saying that?  It is like someone saying the earth is round?  And the English Surname Church stated the earth was flat because there were minds they were dependent upon that they didn't want to leave the country!  And those minds were the Puritans who founded the United States and also believed in demonic possession.  And the Bible (St. Joseph Edition- none of those English translations do!!!)) does indeed list that at least one person was called a demoniac!  So put two and two together rather easily and we see that demonic possession is caused by Demoniacs!  But you better hunt down all those St. Joseph Bibles and have them destroyed just like you did the Irish Literature and it was written in Vernacular.  A language that common people can understand!  Have you ever seen a person get extremely uptight with you when you mispronounce a word that is supposed to be a valid scientific description.  It is really done because you understand the underlying scientific concept much better than they do!
  To insult when faced with questions?  Often means they are trying to hide something of their personal nature?  Something they are greatly ashamed of?  And that would be being dependent minded.

And lets expand on that concept of demoniac?  Could a Catholic Priest that sexually molests children really be considered to be the equivalent of a Demoniac?  Indubitably!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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