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Thursday, April 10, 2014

How the United States Could Destroy Any Country of its Choosing 04 10 2014

How the United States Could Destroy Any Country of its Choosing 04 10 2014

1. a.  We say that there is fighting going on over there between some sort of factions.  Indeed it could be a ruler or a ruling faction inciting violence.
    b.  Or we just say one of our warships was patrolling an area of water and it was fired upon withe a missile.  In immediate response we identified the aggressor and sunk that ship and also their complete Navy.

    c. Or something like that which makes it look like we were indeed responding to aggression!
2.   Now the American Public won't be able to confirm any of it.  So you just use stock footage from a time ago to show some fighting.
3.   Then we say they desperately need United States troops because innocent are being killed.
4.   Once over where we are going we destroy infrastructure after infrastructure.
5.  Then we leave it in a shambles.

And we could well indeed do that to any country in the world including England!  Because the American public would never know the truth or be able to confirm the truth!

And the point being; that that is the average Americans understanding of the military conflicts the United States has been involved in over the last 50 years.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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