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Thursday, April 3, 2014

I think I would like to force women to be at home to make lunch for their chilldren

I think I would like to force women to be at home to make lunch for their children and if they wanted to join the workforce they would have to have hysterectomy!

We just don't need the odd aggression of the pretentious teachings as if they are from the point of view of men!

Any man who would take orders from a woman on the battlefield deserves his imminent fate!

She didn't have children for the sake of having children.  They were just on her checklist in life.  She didn't marry her husband for love.   She did all this because she wanted to believe she was a man and wear the pants of a man!  And the reason she wanted to believe she was a man is because she was born without her own soul and therefore didn't know the difference between herself and someone else whom she believed she was!

So what happens when that which thinks its a man and attempts to behave like a man governs the human race?  Extinction!

And I can't blame someone like that for wanting to be a man because it is a great thing to be a man!

But maybe the spoiled girl never learned the meaning of no?  In terms of what you cannot do or believe in?  For example you are not allowed to believe in harming human beings for personal gain.  How come her father never told her about that or the other rights we have in the United States?  And maybe that would have been all that was needed to put someone with a defective brain on the right track!  Explaining to them the reasons why they cannot do everything that they want to do?

And all those sissy boys want to believe in the omnipotence of momma.  If momma were just elected President of the United States everything would be okay for me again?  If momma were just elected governor everything would be good for me.  If momma were just elected mayor.  Your momma has a secret she doesn't want the world to know about out of shame doesn't she!

I actually believe that aggressive females should be put on medicine that limits their higher brain function!  Why? Because that higher brain function isn't there own it is a delusion of what they want to be.  And it comes from being victimized by males and not wanting to admit that it happened so as a wolf you believe you are one of them; which is a delusion, mental defect and form of mental illness for a human being woman to have.

We draw the line at the point whereby men with non-defective human minds are put on medicine for the benefit of that beast!

Women were granted the right to vote on June 4th 1920. Prohibition also stated in 1920.  Would women have voted for the calm mannered FDR if they knew his wife was really a lesbian?  If they knew he would repeal Prohibition?  Because his wife was a lesbian it means that his marriage wasn't based on love!  Which reads to me like he was chosen to run for President because of his warm demeanor when in fact he was something entirely different than that!  He looted the Stock market and participated in Creating the stock market crash of 1929!  He indeed turned the United States into a communist country through monopolizing employment through the limited liability with regard to employees of the Corporate legal structure as well as his psychiatric eugenics concept of, "One must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry."  All well and good for awhile but not it is time to go in the exact opposite direction, a woman must surrender her right to have children for the sake of humanity and the Constitution!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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