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Friday, April 11, 2014

In the future you are going to have to pay a tax and be taxed in order to support the salaries of Professional Sports Players.

In the future you are going to have to pay a tax and be taxed in order to support the salaries of Professional Sports Players.

We see this already today in more than 2 forms.
1.       Sales taxes to pay for new stadiums can indeed be thought of as deferred payments by the citizen that will be made to the professional athletes.  And often those incremental taxes do not see the setting sun provision.
2.       Athletic Scholarships to Academic Universities.  In cases where those are State Universities it can be said that they young adults who are going for an Academic Degree and indeed financing the tuition's of those who are receiving the free Athletic based scholarship?  And one could make the argument that because it is a University or School that those athletes that receive the athletic scholarships will really not be learning any more with regard to their Athletic degree?  In fact they were given the scholarship because of physical rather than mental talent.  So in effect they are not there to learn and the degree is not for learning so they do not belong at a University!
3.       And for them to be paid to go to college when they are in athletics is also a tax upon the United States Citizen!  Why?  Before we went to digital and cable based television reception the reception from televisions was crystal clear.  Now the free based Digital reception is easily subject to EMF interference!  The FREE over the air Digital reception isn’t as good.  So indeed to get good television reception to watch learning (Academic if you will) type programs you have to pay in upwards of $200 a month!  And some of those profits do indeed got to support those players and the NCAA!  So in effect you have been taxed having your free television reception that was distortion free and clear picture taken away from you!  This can even be thought of as a war on men!  Men do not think that they can grow up and play a game for a living!  Men think responsibly.
4.       Also Fetal Alcohol Spectrum (FAS) disorders are the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere and also likely the cause of dyslexia!  And those sporting events make their money by selling beer!  And honest to God do you know what not being an alcohol drinker is like in the United States?  If you ever went to a strip bar during your college days you found out that the stripper will kick your two drink minimums over so you would have to buy more or tip her more.  And if you protested that Professional athlete flunky will be there to body slam you.  I have seen 5’6” men permanently disabled in this way!  So indeed these are all taxes that our society pays in order to support Bobo’s monkey son.  And to get back to the point I was making that is how the miserable drinkers will view you.  And here is where I the start of this article will be discredited.  And lastly our human being society suffers from the FAS adults because they cannot raise their own children and have to inverse imprint them with demonized human souls that are labeled schizophrenics.  And not to harp on it too much once that beast is allowed to exist and demonize human souls and thereby dislocate them he is able to see ones whole life story and set perfect betting odds and stock market bets!  So again we suffer as the human being with human intelligence is crowded  out of our society of freedom.  Both gambling and alcohol are a violation of your right to Liberty because they are addictive and hence you are not at liberty to stop taking them.  And to burden the point, because they create that with the defective hippo campus that is not human because it doesn’t have its own human conscience nor human reason!

So when the individual takes action against the criminal minded he just ends up supporting their cause and making a criminal out of himself!  That is why this has to legally be approached on a national level!  And it has to be addressed on level!

And we are seeing some of that starting already, with college sports teams whose members don’t make the grade not being allowed to compete.  But that might not be fair to them because those Ivy League students who make the grades might not be doing so with the use of their own minds but rather displaced and ephemeral intelligence of human beings who are hazed and labeled mentally ill!  And that is also why we are having military conflicts in times of peace and that they are created!  The trauma dislocates the human souls of the brave that the criminal minded were dependent upon all their lives up to that point!  One might even state that the whole entirety of the Chinese Manufacturing and Economic Powerhouse was created from tortured MIA’s in Viet Nam.  It is also the reason your human children are bullied and then pushed drugs to!  To ruin their lives and minds!  To abandon one’s own mind!

So what will the future also likely become?  Parents watching their children not just pushing and tripping other players in grade school sports but also making the bold statements that their children are so much better for their ambition (in being aggressive.) In fact our school system might very well degrade to the point whereby those who have the aggressive physical strength are the only ones who pass the test of graduation from an academic school.  To be clear I believe that neither young men nor women with the criminal and defective mind belong on a college campus!  You can commute to work on organic farms!  And maybe indeed to take the risk that is present at our college campuses out of farm life, in order to prevent it from being master and slave based, those with the criminal mind (FAS) should be Euneched and Castrated first!  They were indeed the product of FDR Eugenics related to those who had the defective hippo campus from FAS.  They have been a great burden to our Democracy and world history.

So I indeed have two petitions for you to sign.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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PS.  And when a bouncer disables a man for life in defense of a female strippers or bars profits he is not defending a Ladies honor;  even though he thinks he is!

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