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Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Election Rules should be 04 03 2014

New Election Rules should be 04 03 2014

When a politician does not win an election by a margin greater than 5% then their term in office until the next election is shorted because of that.  And this would not apply to office of the President of the United States but instead all the other politicians voted in.  Instead of placing term limits on them, we just say that the public voted and it was so close that there is great public concern with regard to the incumbent and hence they have already have had time to address the issues of ALL of the public as citizens and failed to do so because the margin of victory was not greater than 5%.

And it only applies to the person winning the election if they are the incumbent!  Again as incumbent they had the prior opportunity to prove themselves to not just half the citizens but all of them and they failed to do so!  Which means that they should have less time in office in order to make things right with regard to their controversial public opinions in Government.  One this prevents is the entrenchment of one faction in our Government whereby laws are created that historically should have been considered an impeachable offense because they run counter to our Constitution!  It should be thought of as an act of treason.  And perhaps the Constitutional amendment we need is one that addresses the act of treason and how the Public should legally be allowed to respond to it!  And treason can be defined to mean taking actions that defy the common sense of an educated and non defective minded person that through common sense interpretation defy the Constitution!  In other words they tried to pull the wool over our eyes?  And there is implied meaning of what can be done in situations like that per our Constitution as we have been given the right to keep and bear arms!  We have also been guarantied the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness!  So when those rights are violated by our Government we have the right to enforce them and reestablish them as we know it is consistent with our Constitution?  That right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness also means that we have the right to be free thinkers!  And not subject to restrictions based on that which really amount to a violation of the separation of church and state!  Whether it be court ordered psychiatric medication or poisoning you with a puffer fish toxin and burying you alive to dig you up an Easter three days later as a zombie.

The United States was not meant to be Governed by the Living Dead implementing the creation of the Living Dead!!!!!

Also if even one human being in the United States is denied the right to cast a vote it means that the Politician who won the election should have his term automatically lessened! And it can't be based on an acting fraud as the media is like to use to propagandize subjective political opinions.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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