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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The belief in Freedom is a prerequisite to Government Leadership in the United States that has been broken 04 08 2014

The belief in Freedom is a prerequisite to Government Leadership in the United States that has been broken! (subtitled: In choosing a father for themselves they have chosen a God haven’t they!)

{This article follows from the one that I wrote that listed the concepts that are a War Against Men.  Now I could very well indeed list the reasons for why each of those concepts is a war against men but I do not have the time today.}
To be a human being you have to have your own;
1.       Human Conscience.
2.       Human Reason.
It was listed in the Uniform Declaration of Human Rights and it is not meant to be considered as being a subtle point.
Now to start explaining the War Against Men elements I will start off with Gun Control.
1.       A person is either Free and (given their gun back upon Freedom.)  {A human being as defined by the United Nations has no problem owning guns because they have their own human reason and human conscience and are therefore responsible.  They also own them to protect their rights as a human being.  He/she also has absolutely no problem with other human beings owning guns.}
2.       In prison where the time in prison and denial of freedom in the United States is thought to be a form of Reforming them.
3.       Executed.
There are no middle elements here or matter of parole elements.  If they cannot be given a gun back upon freedom from prison it means that they are still a danger to society and likely should have been executed!  Should we pay to house those who cannot be reformed in a prison house?  Should those that can be reformed have to be in that same prison?  Do you see how I am ferreting out something here?

Some of our leniency in laws amount to the demoniac applying principles of demoniac self to human beings.  And that too is part of the war against men.
I will define a demoniac as someone that would participate in the displacement of a human beings soul from that human being until the point whereby they could see out of their eyes as if they re that same person. (I have given it the term Inverse Brain Imprintation.  And it is the opposite of the father son human love brain imprint with is a fact in science and psychology.  A father and his son’s brain wave become one as the son loves the father and working with him.   Now this brings up an entirely different issue of the demoniac sensing a human being thinking from the loving imprint of his father and seeking him out in livid jealousy for this!  As if he is stealing his work skills.  One represents true family values and the other is the way of the devil.
In Inverse Brain Imprintation the Demoniac has the same mind as the human person.  Because they have the same mind as that person, to the degree that they can see out of their eyes, it means that they do not have their own mind!  I don’t believe that I could ever become such a part of another person and that less of myself that I could see out of their eyes.  That isn’t how brain imprintation in human beings is meant to work.  Why?  Because human brain imprintation is meant to lead to the creation of independent and therefore responsible human beings whereby Inverse Imprintation leads to just the exact opposite.  {Our money was initially imprinted by those who believed in human rights in contrast to demoniac rights?}
Again because the Inverse Imprint has the exact same mind (in effect chose a father) these two things are true.
1.       They do not have their own human conscience!
2.       They do not have their own human reason!
It is not something that can be taken and used as if they are your won because to do so is a contradiction to the nature and possession and meaning of having them.
Hence Human Beings are deprived from having their own minds by the Demoniac.

The St. Joseph Edition of the Bible literally Defines a Demoniac to be a Homosexual.  If you do a quick internet based Bible search you will not find the term Demoniac in the England Translated Bibles!   Also implicit with the above definition of a demoniac choosing his father in Inverse Brain Imprintation is the concept from the Book of Matthew, “Only the father knows who the son is and the son who the father is; unless the son decides to tell a friend.”  And the boys represented by that statement make up the seven heads of the hydra whereby the phrasing from the Bible comes to be, if one of the demons loses a battle to you (being considered its father) it finds 6 friends to help it.  This is why it is so important for boys to only be raised by their biological natural fathers; as that is the only valid form of brain imprint; a world of love!  In choosing a father for themselves they have chosen a God haven’t they!  {My High School Law Professor needled me with the comment that, “You cannot chose your parents.” As well as, “You might find your career in the military.” J  Some people thought I was a hardass in High School? I really don’t know what they thought of me.  I found it funny though when a woman you don’t even know gets really angry at you and yells at you calling you a macho geek.  Or stuff like that out of some unknown frustration to the rest of us.  It kind of reminds me of that gal from the Clint Eastwood movie that screams at him, “A bottle of whiskey for courage and the manners of a goat.”  By the way if they get their way in destroying our Constitution, as the lines of gun control, homeland security are coming together to be, all the remaining men on earth are going to become like Clint was when he was a prisoner of those women in that one movie …and also the theme of the movie Misery!  And that is indeed a woman who does not have her own soul and is another head of the hydra!
So you can indeed see how the constructs of males being jealous of men and the sons of men forms in boyhood!
The other day on the television I heard a retired United States General state that Veterans should not have guns because they are a danger to themselves.  There are so many ways and implications that I could comment on that with.  For example why did you give them guns in the first place?  So that they could die holding on to them in a War that isn’t a declared war?  And isn’t it better that people who are a danger to themselves kill themselves rather than kill someone else?  Isn’t it better that they kill themselves rather than become promoted in the military to the point whereby they become part of national energy policy and government and get the rest of us killed? Do you actually believe that when someone first turns 18 is when they are supposed to learn how dangerous a gun is?  No that is something that they should have been learning all their lives by having one in their homes?  Does a male who reaches adulthood and then realizes that he isn’t a true father and can never be one then kill himself rather than the rest of us?  If so it was his choice and his right?  According to a False LIBERTY doctrine he has the right to take drugs and alcohol that create birth defective children like himself but not the right or liberty to kill himself?  He even has the right to leave the mother of his child and his child but not the right to kill himself with that gun?  And perhaps I understand that he doesn’t have to be an evil just like himself that talks to us from television in order to have a family; and that should not be the standard of success that he finds himself to fail at!  Any human being on earth would fail at that same standard of success!  Who wants to be a seven head of a hydra?  Real men can’t stoop that low and live with themselves!  But if that Veteran is a danger to himself he is also a danger to other human beings or Demoniacs?  I don’t really care if he is a danger to Demoniacs!  The Bible does indeed define the Demoniac as being some type of person.
So what is the Generals fear that the males he himself hired and managed and made to be what they are;  are a danger to:
1.       Human Beings
2.       Other Demoniacs?
3.       Their Human being self?
4.       Their Demoniac self?
5.       Human beings that are possessed by Demoniacs?
When the Demoniacs kill the Human Beings the world would become lawless!  In a lawless world the wicked rule.  That is why Newt Gingrich and Sheldon Adelson (sp?) smaller government; because it means less human rights are respected and enforced.  Sheldon is the billionaire ($40 billion United States currency dollars in his case,) that made his money from Casino Operations in Los Vegas.  Commercial Gambling is a violation of the United State Constitution and your human rights because it is addictive!  And profiting from addiction violates your Guarantied right to LIBERTY in the United States Constitution.  Because if you have an addiction you are no longer at Liberty to stop from having an addiction!  I am going to start a petition to the Government that our Right to Liberty mean that we are right to be from those who would profit from addiction! My petition will define LIBERTY through the use of the modern terms we have learned through science over the past two millennium.  So look back to this blog if you want to sign it!  By the way the Caballah (or Kabbalah there are various spellings)is a Jewish form of witchcraft that was said to remain hidden for 2500 years.  I have never read it or know where it is written.  But it was said to be so dangerous that it had to be hidden.  Orthodox Jews are said to believe in the Cabala because the goal of it is true leadership!  In cross reference to the Book of Mathew Quote above and also the seven headed hydra metaphor do that really mean they believe it leads to a true father for themselves? Do you see how all the pieces of this are fitting together?
The devil’s advocate would say the demonic possessors do so in order to reform you.  However the Demoniac really possesses because it doesn’t have a human self and demonic possession of Human Beings leads to them becoming demonized and therefore dangerous too.   Now here we get into another element of the War Against Men- psychiatry.  Either that person who hears voices is a threat to themselves and their community and they should be killed or they should be given a gun as it is their Constitutional Right that should never change.  To clarify the issue all people in the United States are allowed to keep and bear guns.  Now that leads to the most pure form of true leadership?  In my opinion it does!
The fact is that because of monotheism the mentally defective or demoniacs will always need one clear thinking mind to demonize without it being drugged.  The monotheist need to believe they are actually someone other than themselves otherwise they are miserable.  And that is who the Book of Revelation refers to when it uses the phrasing, “The miserable ones who are still with us.”  They have likely been with you all your life.  Those of us who hear voices know it for certain.  But they are also with those who do not know it and do not hear voices; and they are a great danger to them as well!
The problem is that the Demoniac without a human soul actually believes they are the Human Being that they are possessing that does have the human conscience and human reason!  Therefore they no longer want them to have their own human conscience or human reason.  {And is a corollary to that list I reposted on Facebook of the child always believing everything belongs to them; mine, mine, mine.}  Which means they want that person to be a demoniac!  In effect the demoniac wants to trade places with the human being at some point in their lives; usually after graduation from school.  It is the principle of Leveling, “If you are less I feel better.”  {And really a lot of this is child psychology that should never enter or be present in the adult world!}  It implies, and I could give you the logical precedents, that the person that needs to the other person to feel less knows in all reality or fatally believes themselves to be lesser!  They are helpless among us and therefore victimize us!
If you can’t have a gun because you know you and your children are not responsible enough to (are they children of the 7 head of the hydra?) or don’t want to have one; or also to clear “Don’t want someone you know to be a human being to have one,” then also you should not be able to vote?  And how can a citizen of someone else’s soul be a valid citizen of the United States?  When you deny a Human Being their Constitutional rights you have effectively denied them citizenship!!!

(I also believe that miscegenation creates the demoniac or dependent minded and that non-whites that need to be home schooled be deported.  They should not be allowed to be participant members in a Seven Head of a Hydra.  And the best thing that you can do for some people is to prevent them from what they like doing the most if left to their own devices!)

I also believe the Demoniac is created through the addictive and therefore Unconstitutional poison of alcohol in creating a defective hippo campus in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.  Because children are not able to read or pass tests we are going to have to outlaw alcohol for good on earth!  And our Constitution already outlaws it because it is addictive and therefore violates your guarantied right to Liberty! And no state shall ever be able to defy the Union by propagandizing or promoting a violation of our Constitution!

Some one once said to me if you want to get something done give it to somebody who has too much to do already.  When we hear voices in our heads we have too much to do already don't we!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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