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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

You know what I think about Professional Sports and teenagers that aspire to be that? 04 09 2014

You know what I think about Professional Sports and teenagers that aspire to be that?  04 09 2014

"I take one look at them playing and say, 'That is as far as you will get in life!'"

And that is what I thought when I heard a radio program stating that some college coaches make $6 million.

What does it really amount to; a denial or distraction from being an adult or man?

The whole University system in the United States needs to ban professional sports to keep it desperate from Academia!  It has absolutely no place along side academia and nor do those dumb athletes belong on academic college campuses!  They also do not belong in the military and don't do well there!  Nor do the belong in the Investment or Health care industries!  Nor do they belong in sales!  They belong working on farms while supervised or on factory floors!

And the truth is that they never belonged in our grade school system and should have been segregated out of it (both whites and blacks!)  These are bottlemutt children!

Perhaps the thing that ends Professional sports is players being interviewed who have gone blind from steroid use.  The fact that children with birth defects from the alcohol sold at the events doesn't seem to dissuade the profits at all; in fact it is an opportunity for the athlete to pose with the victim and make a media appearance.

When you think of a coach making $6 million do you not say that they have printed their own money!  It is as if they view themselves as a unification of church and state and print their own money.

And isn't this driven by the parents paying big money to send their children to college?  And perhaps they receive scholarships only after rich parents or corporations or lobby groups the parents are one make enormous donations in their benefits?  Sometimes you write something and you know immediately that you hit a nerve and it is true; and I just did there!

Petition Created at White House link.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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