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Sunday, September 14, 2014

22 Long Rifle Hard Lead or lead Coated Steel Ballistics 09 14 2014 Updated

22 Long Rifle Hard Lead or lead  Coated Steel Ballistics 09 14 2014

I have always maintained that a bullet that passes straight through you leaving two open wounds is much more deadly.  Perhaps the best evidence of this is that Franklin Theodore Roosevelt was shot in the chest.  The bullet did not go all the way through.  He went to the podium and gave a speech for an hour!

For a bullet to pass straight through you it has to be harder.  Therefore it deforms less and causes less shock and trauma?  But a bullet that passes through you creates a greater cross section of injury.  Also depending upon how thin your blood is you are more likely to bleed more and die from!

A arms instructor once told me that women didn't like to use larger sized bullet guns because of the recoil.  He said they liked 22 caliber.  There should be bullets made for the .22 that are hard/fused lead or lead coated steel core for women to have in personal protection.  Something that won't foul the rifling.

And perhaps the best defense would to have hard nose and hollow point in your revolver chamber! The first two or three pass straight through leaving 6 wounds to bleed and the next three create greater shock and trauma to the front side of the body and wound area.  In effect that would be the most deadly combination!

Back in the early 1900's a study was done (in Response to the Philippine American War) and is was partly based on two small calibers being used in a war.  They found out in order to be effective they needed at least a .45 diameter of an inch size bullet!  Hence the 1911 .45 was produced.

You would not want to use a semi auto 22 for protection because they jam.  But a revolver keeps turning to a new bullet if one is a misfire (means dud that didn't go off)

Fat men like Theodore or the Nazi's were stated to be often have enlarged hearts and therefore a greater vital target area!  However once that bullet mushrooms at the rib cage it loses its kinetic energy and does not penetrate to the heart to kill them!  A hard metal bullet does not lose kinetic energy by deforming!  And sure some bullets can pass straight through the heart and the person live!  But that has to cause more vital shock and actually weaken the heart to internal bleeding.

Perhaps more pronounced is that a bullet that does not mushroom and passes through the lungs is likely to cause the person to bleed to death! Again a soft lead bullet will mushroom at the rib cage, lose kinetic energy and be less likely to penetrate one or both sides of a lung!

The soldiers who served in Viet Nam should have had nothing less than a .45 caliber machine gun! I don't know of one company that has made an adaption to the AR-15 to make it .45 caliber as was determined to be needed by a study done over a 100 years ago!  It would have been a different war!  It can be thought of as a conspiracy of Communist minded leadership worldwide?  In place of communism you could easily substitute the term momma's boys and be just as accurate!

The kind of .22 bullet a woman needs to protect herself would be called armor piercing.  The Constitution says she can have it but Federal (Queens Laws) say that she can't!

That or a .45 caliber bullet, and they are offered in hardcast today which would be deadly about anywhere in the torso!  So she should practice with the .22LR  and have a .45 for real time protection and lethality!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Any one who states or propagandizes that a woman who hears voices can't have a handgun to protect herself from; involuntary servitude of prostitution, robbery, rape, coercion in the work place, including political office, bondage into polygamy, forced drugs and poisons on, victims of violence; ought to be hung up in a noose!

I am not one who subscribes to the theory of, "Oh how cute that N1993r who has been talking to me from the wood pile is really the person I was meant to be married to all along!"  The mindless retard whose eye's look like she has suffered many cross blows to the head is not my God!

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