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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Does wearing a belt cause greater constipation? 09 18 2014

Does wearing a belt cause greater constipation? 09 18 2014

The answer is yes.  Does that constipation lead to hemorrhoids?  I believe so too!

And do the hemorrhoids cause lower back pain?  And if the hemorrhoids are an inflammation is there a immune substance such as white blood cells etc that attack that area?  And is there method of killing bacteria by weakening the cell wall structure?  So what is a disk in your back?  It is hard gelatin like substance!  So what happens when it is over exposed to an area (transporting immune response cells to that area through the circulatory system?  Do some of those immune response chemicals cause a person to have a bulging disk in their back because the disk does not decompress is as easy to support the spine on each side of it?

I believe all this to be true and the remedy might be to wear overhauls or jumpsuits?  With long or short legs?  That might help one to lose weight to because the metabolic flow occurs more naturally.

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