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Sunday, September 14, 2014

New York Jets 24 Green Bay Packers 31

New York Jets 24 Green Bay Packers 31

Running back effectiveness. When I played football the running back's job was to stutter step or shuffle step and break that initial “congregation” of players. And once he was past that there should be no-one that he should consider poses a threat to him taking that ball and running straight to the end zone! A running back needs long distance sprinting speed! He needs to have the confidence that he can evade tackles and that he has the potential to score a touchdown on ever single play. That should be his mentality! It should not be a matter of him bobbing up and down, bobbing up and down; that doesn't create momentum or speed! And just gets one stuck there for the end of the play. The idea is that body movement initiates distance! He should be so good at the stutter step that the person who covers him falls down out of tripping over his own feet or confusion! That is how I played the position!

Defensive backs! Basically I liked what I saw the defense was trying to catch the ball too! But a defense to the pass game needs to be able to read a quarterbacks movements and anticipate what the play will be from how they are lined up! Once he does that he can be there for an interception! He should be going for the interception as if it is a lifetime bonus! And once he gets hold of it he should expect to score a touchdown every single time! That should be his mentality!

The official calling a time out is a non issue. I have heard that some referees are lawyers during the week so that can be thought of as calling a fraudulent timeout! In other words the Jets need to better manage their sideline! There can be no rigging of “auctions” on the sideline! The league doesn't need to review anything about it!

And the double fake hand-off on one side and the touchdown pass was pure beautiful!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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