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Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Keepers of our Environment- PART II (was originally published on 11 16 2010) I don't look to be too far off on this!

The Keepers of our Environment- PART II
What is kept in this coffin sized locked metal box besides the railroad tracks?
Is it the bum who found the cardboard shelter some twenty yards to the west where the bridge crosses what appears to be the Menomonie River at Plankinton Avenue?
“Did another one die from exposure in the cold?”  The local business owners stated so sincerely.
“No we just used our key to unlock this box to find him good and frozen.” Said the other owner.
And I am not implying that the one with the key put him in there.  Did our former county executive together with community business leaders find a good way to keep the homeless numbers down in the third ward?
A cold and solid rusty railroad KEEP from someone who likes or doesn’t like trains?  To continue on with the theme from my prior article, “For every serial killer there are ten or more Satans who form the walls, eyes and ears and nose of his/her KEEP.
What do they say to their daughters who are going through puberty and look pale in the face?  We’ll get you some iron rich flesh fresh from our KEEP.
Did Barrack Obama sit up late at night and study with his mother by listening to the “Voice” or “mind” from a distant keep or “VIRTUAL KEEP”.  Don’t feel bad if you did Barrack you have great company with members of the Republican Party?
Do the rich prime their wells with what they consider to be iron rich human fodder for their wells?  Do the rich enjoy drinking this red tainted water?
Is that why they are so reticent to take or accept the initiative to clean or Lakes and Rivers?  Because they like the red water tainted with mercury as it reminds them of “KEEP WELL WATER.”?  No, the rich don’t care about our environment because they feel they can always make themselves better by tossing another innocent person in their KEEP or VIRTUAL KEEP.
Scott Walker you put the red boxing gloves on while campaigning.  Now I want to see you fight for what’s right. 
How do the second generation rich fill their “hollow” “souls”?  If you think about it what would Satan like nothing more than?  A world of low grade imbeciles, who he can truly and honestly to himself consider no better than itself.  How would he do this, to make a world of low grade imbeciles he would poison the world with Mercury?  Mercury is just like Satan it expands quickly when it gets hot, like it is angry and cannot control it.  Misery loves company and Satan cannot live without it.
We need to search strive for clean energy.  A train that runs on clean energy is one.  Solar power is also feasible.  It becomes greatly feasible when you consider what our dependence on oil has cost us.
But more to the point someone needs to take the initiative to clean our water at the source itself.  Someone needs to figure out how we can for lack of a better term, “Filter” our natural bodies of water clean.
“May the rich reap in terms of nourishment only what they sow” The world would change for the better quickly if this were the motto.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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