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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Drawing one into Politics is the exact Opposite of Inciting someone into a dangerous Civil Conflict 11 25 2014

Drawing one into Politics is the exact Opposite of Inciting someone into a dangerous Civil Conflict 11 25 2014
Inciting Civil unrest.  It would seem that they don't want to draw the responsible and brave into a political Governance career.  Instead they want to incite them into a dangerous civil conflict.  I think we have to do some reshuffling!

The person who gave the verdict in the Fergusson trial told how the media didn't get it right!  I have seen that occurring for decades on end!  They either omit the most important information or use emotions to make the public feel guilty for being Americans!  But why do they omit?  I don't believe that it is purposeful, I believe that they can't comprehend what is important.

What are they always hiding?  If you did a historical media video search you will see what I mean when it comes to schizophrenia!  You will never see a media persons face get twisted in beet red anger then when they use the term schizophrenia!  Why?  Because demonizing those people has been the key to their success while at the same time being the key that is tearing away American freedom.  It is medical fraud.  The symptoms are real and horrific however the cause makes it fraud.

So that law enforcement official blamed the Big MEDIA for not getting the story accurate.  How hard can it be?  You listen to the press conference and ask the hard questions!  Then you get the story right!  You don't use your suckling mouth to sway it any way your mother would say it is okay for you to talk!

So if Big Media created Civil Unrest while also participating in de-facto election fraud what should the consequences be?  What if during the rioting in a city created by big media someone is killed?  Is Big Media, networked (you couldn't get a job there unless you knew someone or had a family member in the click) should the members of Big Media be liable for the charge of murder?  If convicted should they receive capital punishment?  Sounds extreme doesn't it?  But it isn't when you consider how hard it was to establish freedom and how important it is to maintain it!

Have you ever once seen them be held accountable for their mistakes?  Have you ever once seen them apologize for an issue that they have had gravely wrong or fraudulently wrong?  NEVER happens!  That makes them a Confederacy which is illegal per the United States Constitution!

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