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Friday, November 21, 2014

The Black man on the radio makes wonderful legal arguments until he gets to the point

The Black man on the radio makes wonderful legal arguments until he gets to the point that he believes marijuana should be legalized.  At that point right there he betrays the entire black community!  And it also reveals that he did not deserve to position he is in.

Charles Sumner who fought to free the slaves declared that the words of the slave masters came straight from the minds of his black slaves.

In terms of black success in the United States they don't want to tell you that they got in on the bandwagon of listening to minds that were demonized by voices and made mentally ill by them!  The successful black person doesn't want to tell his poor communities how he got there!  Instead he wants to bring a few into the fold at a time to make businesses from the ideas from the minds that are demonized in mental illness!

He doesn't want to tell you that he is just as horrific as the southern slave master was before the slaves were freed! 

Come on black people have some courage and admit that!  If you really want to help all black people you would!  And you should also tell of how there are many white people who are successful that followed the same evil plan as you did!  You could bring peace to the world.  You still have the great power to do that!  The statistic that I heard is that you are only 13% of the American population. 

But instead you follow the same lead that evil white people do!  You have the spoiled will to believe that you can be everything that a person whom you zombified with psychiatry is or was!  It isn't true!  What you can only amount to is talking in circles as if you were someone you are not via that principle and it doesn't advance your cause!  But when we hear how you want to legalize drugs we already know that you do not have the cause of the honest people!

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