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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Analysis of False Righteous Right Wing Political Commentators 11 22 2014

Analysis of False Righteous Right Wing Political Commentators 11 22 2014

When you listen to the white ones who have the high castration anxiety voice what conclusion do you come to in psychological analysis?

“He is desperately saying what he thinks should be said in order to make his mother happy.”


“He is desperately saying what he believes could make a woman with a irrational temperamental hormonal mind happy on impulse!”

There is an urgency to the voice as if he doesn't say female minded things like that he will face psychological abuse!!!!

Now as I realized that I remembered a passage from the Bible spoken by a priest in Catholic Church. After the Romans had conquered an Israeli city they drew straws as to a woman there. Now when the Russians rolled through post WWII Germany likely looting gold they gang raped women there! So if those Romans were drawing straws it wasn't for who got to have the woman because if that were the case they all likely would! So were they more or less drawing straws as to who would have to do a deed for that woman? When you draw straws it is usually because no one wants to volunteer! Was it to perform cunnilingus on her? Those who resisted hethenization by the Romans were stated to be Zealots. But what is implied here? It is implied that women sold out Israel for oral sex!

Are some men forced to perform cunnilingus (oral sex) on their mothers? Without a doubt! Do some brothers force their younger brothers to perform fellatio on them? Yes. So when that boy grows older if he is still straight then by comparison he has been indoctrinated to perform cunnilingus in order to erase the memory of oral sex he performed on his brother? Or some type of odd psychological motivation like that.

So who would make a grown normal human being here voices in their head and why? Well it is just that simple as above isn't it. We have found our likely suspects haven't we!

Now when you observe Professional Sports athletes being compensated millions to play a childhood game what do you think? Here is what I think. I was friends with a kid in High School whose father was a coach. All that kid talked about was eating...well I'll just use the term cunnilingus. So if a young man isn't smart enough to get a woman to marry him based on his applicable intelligence that is who he does it? I had another friend in College who had dyslexia. He could talk a blue streak, excellent verbal ability, in fact manipulative. How many kids are just like that today? And he got women that same way. To me that is having to stoop much lower than my class level. And indeed it could be said Michael Douglas got throat cancer from it?

I have many other stories like this involving sex and power.

But somehow we have to weed those who can talk a blue streak but have low applicable IQ out of positions of influence in our entire world! Why? It has to do with fish and cows. You can't eat fish in Wisconsin because there is a health advisory from too much mercury and Pcb. The advisory states that it can cause reproductive harm in you. What everyone on earth has failed to realize is that if it can cause reproductive harm in you how long before it causes reproductive harm in the very fish themselves. Do I have to spell out the word extinct? You granted yourself business rights you didn't deserve and you put the world on the path to extinction because of it. So then I have to give you the trail of questions for you to ask yourself because somehow you aren't able to. After the fish become extinct how long before you and me become extinct too? I can hear your Devils Advocate response already, squirming invalid constructs you want to spit out of your mouth as you attempt to appease the temperamental hormonal unhappy mind of a woman and yourself at the same time! Please don't speak on television or the radio again! Being a man isn't about pleasing the irrational mind of a temperamental and unhappy mentally defective female!

I actually believe white males like that belong in a detention camp; and I am a white male! But I am not like them! In fact they misrepresent the white man race worse than anyone else could!

I almost want to name names so the persons I am speaking about are not able to shift the responsibility for their actions away as if it is really someone else it applies to and not them!

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