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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A mask or lack of emotional facial expressions revealing a lack of human conscience and reason 11 26 2014

A mask or lack of emotional facial expressions revealing a lack of human consciousness and reason 11 26 2014

How many have known a bully (& mean person) or learning deficient person to have that exact characteristic?

I see it common in both.  Hence it could be used as a diagnostic criteria?  Perhaps the way to treat a person like that is to figure out what makes them sad and why?  If it is something they cannot control for lack of mental capability then they are mentally defective and no amount treatment can ever help them!  How can you reform that which was never normal?  It can't be done!  How can you teach someone who doesn't have human emotion or respect the rights of normal people to be one?  How do you teach human emotion to someone like that?  It can't be done!  They will only be aping it!  And that makes them far more dangerous!  They will not have human emotion, but have been taught to ACT as if they have human emotion!  That is a very dangerous person!  Because at any moment that mask could come down and make a victim of someone.  Not someone you want to be alone with!  And perhaps that is why we hear voices, so that people like that, in that special class, hear our thinking and do not feel alone and therefor greatly frightened.  The fact that they are afraid of themselves might indeed be the key to treating them and ending people becoming schizophrenic as their victims.  So some you will be able to treat because they are afraid and some can not be treated because they are not afraid.  Instead of being afraid they have the mentality that the world and competition is a primal dominion, whereby anything goes!  And of course act as if you truly have human emotion when you are reprimanded, caught or subject to indictment.

And to make matters more complicated what is the basis of the person emotional system?  Is it envy, jealousy, coveting, tribal, spiteful, vengeful, resentful, all self justifiable, under the ostensible fa├žade of family?  When a woman like that sees the baby of a good mother what does she think?

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