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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Establishing IVy League Universities in the United States was one wave of English Domination 11 12 2014

Establishing IVy League Universities in the United States was one wave of English Domination 11 12 2014

The idea being that if they can control knowledge they can take over freedom.  We see it in many aspects of our democracy

All of these falsehoods come from that Ivy League System:

1.  Gays are normal.
2. Solar energy is not a viable alternative.
3. Pro life is the Christian thing to do.
4. A business man is allowed to have greater rights than the citizen.
5. A corporation is a person.
6. Someone else can make government policy for the official elected with money to pontificate.
7. Smoking doesn't cause cancer
8. Soda doesn't cause diabetes.
9. Alcohol is healthy for you and your babies.
10. Marijuana is therapeutic.
11.  Young women should believe in hazing.  (current Miss America was kicked out of her sorority for advocating it.)
12.  Some of us who are not equal should have greater rights than the rest of us.
13.  Schizophrenia isn't medical fraud.
14. Organized crime is family orientated.
15. Modern religion doesn't really advocate sacrifice.
16.  There is no such thing as a soulless person.
17.  Making a product that only kills a small percentage of Americans is okay to do.
18.  All criminals including drug dealers, pimps and sexual molesters of children can be reformed.
19 . Chemicals are good for us.
20.  Breweries create jobs that benefit the economy.
21.  It doesn't matter if you can actually sing we can digitally re-master your voice.
22.   Anything about your personal sexuality is normal including if you like to view movies of adults and others raping and sexually victimizing children.
23. The Bible really advocates slavery and prostitution.
24.  If the consumer doesn't comprehensively know what is the foods they are buying you are not liable for their harm to them!

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