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Friday, November 14, 2014

Loss of Corporate Status for Sexual Victimizers of Children 11 14 2014

There is a large Milwaukee Corporation whose has a manager that is of the family business name who was accused or charged with sexually molesting (sexually victimizing) a child. Now here is the key.

  1. No sane person would ever trust that person to ever baby sit their children. 2. So why would you ever grant that person the limited liability that the Corporate legal business status does?

Here is the argument that extends from this. If you would not want that person to babysit your child would you want them to be creating products that can be used in your home? (Think gel laundry detergent packets that looked like candy are were an attractive nuisance that killed 3000 children.) Would you grant them the ability to create chemicals or medicines? Think of the pain killer that directly kills at least 10,000 people a year. Would you want them to formulate cigarettes? Think of breast cancer. Would you want that person Captaining an Oil Cargo Ship? Would you want them owning a utility and administering energy policy that thwarts renewable solar energy? And the list goes on and on.

“A” Let's just call the baby sitting criteria as it relates to the sexual victimizer of children should not be allowed limited liability.

For starters are there wealthy people who have done bad things like that who still have high status in the United States because they are wealthy corporate managers? Yes. Let that be one of the criteria “A” whereby that person cannot be a manager at a corporation. Essentially anyone who is employed at a Corporation is indeed acting as an agent of the Corporation in some respect and protected under the limited liability shield. So then the barring of employment extends to every employee of that Corporation.

Now some Villages and Cities are indeed incorporated. What does that imply? A person working as a civil servant in them should not be protected with limited liability. Many villages have indeed decided that sexual victimizers of children may not live in their neighborhood and they are barred from doing so! But again why would you grant that person the better right than the average citizen has of limited liability Corporation? No man would allow someone like that to be of that “Title of Nobility?” And indeed our Constitution prevents anyone to be granted a title of nobility! How can you argue that granting one person or a group of people limited liability is not in effect granting them the “Title of Nobility” CEO for example.

So what happens if a large Corporation like that above is stripped of its limited liability? Well very simply it goes bankrupt.

They cannot work or be employed for any company or entity that in Incorporated!

Now if that person is not allowed to work for a Corporation then how can they ever own a Corporation! How can they ever even vote one share of a corporations stock? To own a Corporation puts them in the exact same seat as the manager! For the Owners control who the managers are by ownership stock holder vote! So that is a person who can not own even one share of a Corporation!

A Civilization is characterized by a set of rules that must be followed in order to live there. Are there people living in the United States who cannot be civilized? Yes! Do people like that represent the greatest threat to our Democracy and Republic? Yes!

If you are barred from Employment from a Corporation the legal corollary that has to be applied is that you are never allowed to receive compensation (retirement benefits) from that Corporation! You cannot be compensated as if you are an employee of them because you can not be an employee of them!

Essentially the way the law works today is that a person who commits a drunk driving death is not charged with murder. Why? It is a legal loophole. The masked reason being is that they were not legally entitled to make decisions while inebriated. The legal corollary here is that if you drink a substance or use drugs that alter your consciousness how can you be granted limited liability in as a Corporate manager, employee (under the umbrella shield) or shareholder (voting and therefore managerial power? Does he want to say that he is not guilty of sexually molesting a child because he had been drinking much like the drunk driver is not guilty of killing someone? Does he want to say that he is not guilty of sexually victimizing a child because he was born mentally defective because his parents were socialite drinkers like the wealthy by and large are? These are not men!

So the petition to be created from this is that a person convicted of sexually victimizing a child may not hold a Corporate Management position, be an agent employee protected by that limited liability or own one share of that Corporation which is defacto management of the Corporation through voting power; voting whether so and so should be a director or not! It all falls apart like the straw that broke the camels back? No, not if you assume that there are still some good men left! You don't have a problem with good men do you? You do? Well the United States is a Civilization that you should consider leaving!

Once you employ that person basically you can no longer be a Corporation.

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
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