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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It is a great taboo to ever say that the voice talking to you actually comes from a person not yourself 11 18 2014

It is a great taboo to ever say that the voice that is talking to you actually comes from a person not yourself 11 18 2014

It is a great taboo to ever say that voice that is talking to you actually comes from a person not yourself.

I know the voice isn't coming from me, but let's assume I don't know for sure it is and attempt to figure out the motivation for that lie.

A. The people that are cursing you are living well above their true socioeconomic status! And they don't want the world to know how they got there? A real man could never live that way! He would likely kill himself out of guilt! He listened to the mind of a real man that was tortured by a coven of cursing hags; and that tormented dialog formed his consciousness. Now ask yourself what benefit to the world and human CIVILIZATION adult males like that would ever be? None! Every thing that they did or said would be flawed as if it was just pure curse; again same as the reactionary side their consciousness took as it was formed!

Back to yesterdays article”Two horns with a small zero in between them.” The mark of the beast is made in pure “cursive” script isn't it “6od”


So for some reason we are to suspend our belief that cursing voices talking to us really come from people other than ourselves! If we don't they will keep it up until we die from the exhaustion of it won't they!

Imagine the introverted spoiled immaturity It is almost an overt sign of mental defect that someone would expect you to believe that. I will illustrate the concept a little better in a mocking humorous light in a little while so keep reading.

It is really that a spoiled wish that you are never really as smart as you are! Only those born mentally retarded could do that to you!

But let's assume that hey are really sorrowful fragments of our own personality as the soteria method suggests. Then we have to ask the question, “What is that sorrowful fragments standard of success?” It is really something you, the one who hears voices, never cared to be isn't it! But why did you never care to be it? Because you never wanted to be friends with bad people at the top? Something you never cared to be while at the same time being something they are not qualified to be! They don't have the true talent to be their own standard of success? However you always naturally did? Hence you are being cursed as a form of oppression. My Grandmother Isabelle Roth had “it” too! And all the other family members seemed to oppress anything she said? They were purposefully mean to her out of spite? But the paragraph conclusion is that they do not have the talent to be their own standard of success. However you always naturally did? Hence you are being cursed as a form of oppression!

Hypothetically because they are cursing you can you imagine how suicidally depressive they would become if you ever achieved success? Once their delusion of self importance unravels what do they become? Now we are getting into why someone is naturally motivated to be an alcohol and drug user!When their success was achieved like a beast among us in the world; through reactive thinking to a real human being, being cursed! - The terminal pinnacle of enlightenment for someone like that would be to start to think like a real man and then realize they were never responsible for their own achievement. So as you age and people fall by the wayside under the stone in life, consider that as what is going on with them! I have never seen anyone else articulate the point! Perhaps the Irish did once or Greek philosophers did and it was all burnt or destroyed as evidence no one wanted to know existed! Evidence should never be destroyed!

And what would its mother say to it in order to support its flawed and criminally organized 'self esteem?' “No man is an island.” It really means that she doesn't believe in men or want to! Now how (quickly) does the phrase, “There is only one God,” turn into a curse when we substitute in the word man for god. “There is only one man.” It really is a curse meaning, “May there only be one among us who actually thinks like a man!” Isn't that horrible!

Now here is the outline for what would be one of the best short stories I could ever right. But again it doesn't belong to me does it!

Imagine your happy family living in an Eden. Your children are naturally playing and thinking for themselves when a band of 10 mentally defective celibate priests comes upon your village? They attempt to convince you are not merrily really doing your own thinking but that of their momma back in their camp? Imagine that, all those years you dug all those small holes to plant seeds to feed your family it was really their mothers far and away thinking and not your own! (just the opposite of that has to be true doesn't it!) All those years it was really her guiding your hand not to plant seeds under large rocks in the field and not your own thinking! :) How thankful you should be for you never wanted to know or believe that but it is true, they tell you!

Every step you ever took with your feet was really her summoning you to first move one foot and then the other and your walking on your own had nothing to do with you! If you feel and hurt yourself and therefore learned to never fall again it was her summoning you to fall wasn't it; and therefore he will that taught you to never fall? :)

(The reflection of analysis being that something dumb as a rock planted a seed in her or that of her mother?)

And this is why they Essene Jews would have kept you to serve as an exiled (imprisoned) priest; because you really had their mothers intelligence your whole entire life! They therefore were justified that you serve juxtaposed to an evil master (he is free and not you) to raise their offspring to be very good people?

What are the odds modern children like that would be drug users?

So make sure you always look on them with eyes of kindness. Blue Irish eyes if you will. I don't see many blued eyed people today.

How to spot one in public; and don't be freaked out about it.

They think as if they are in a trance to be one with you and immediately their facial expression changes to happiness when they are in that looking straight ahead sleeping trance; when you look at them? Or what else will happen is that as soon as you look at their table they will have a moment of great delight in recognition and you will hear that happiness bellow from them! Some abstraction of that is indicative of a pre-dater nature isn't it!

Anyone come to the conclusion that the pier group of the wealthy is the exact same as that of the hillbilly?

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It is a national crime for you to say that it isn't you that is cursing you!  Therefore it is an institutionalize able crime to say that you believe in yourself!  What does that tell us about the future of human civilization?

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