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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Divine Right in the United States 11 27 2014

Divine Right in the United States 11 27 2014

The ones who are dictating Government policy are the same as those who are talking to us in our heads!

I am not afraid to say it!  And the girl on the news wants to say this one or that one who committed a crime believed that "The Government was after them!"  Fine, well and good!

Sure I believe it too.  But here is the Revelation of how bad that they really are!  They already know what you are planning on doing if you are planning on taking some action!  Other than it giving you the common sense not to commit crimes.  What does it imply?  That the one in the same could have prevented a great many of them from happening! Isn't that inseparable guilt by association?

And what did Snow den reveal?  That the FBI had to recreate the trail of evidence in crimes so that the original source is not implicated?  What does that really mean?  It means that for some reason they need to hide criminal participant in actions!  The observed is never independent of the observer!  A corollary to that would be those of us who hear voices are not independent, if we can help it, to the will of that which is speaking to us against our Constitutional rights!  They have to recreate the trail of evidence because the are not independent of the crime that was committed.  In effect an odd race achieves its independence by making victim criminals out of the few, proud and brave United States citizens remaining!

How many Americans became disabled due to the ill will of an Employer who was unduly granted a greater right of limited liability than the rest of us plain old normal Americans believing we are living in freedom!  One someone has been given greater rights than the normal average citizen we are no longer living in freedom are we!

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