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Friday, November 21, 2014

Cancer from Envy Based Hatred 11 21 2014 (A Seven Deadly Sin)

Cancer from Envy Based Hatred  11 21 2014

Yesterday in a scientific magazine I was reading about the Kras gene or something like that?  And how certain species have genes that are not activated.  How does one activate their human genes I ponder?  By thinking for themselves they develop those genes in their brain and activate them!

Anyhow those who have that certain gene will have cancer cured in one portion of the body only to have cancer form in another part.  It remains a mystery but they say it has to do with that gene.

But what about Cancer from envy based hatred?

It works like this, and this is metaphysical so you won't want to believe it and instead just plain out discredit like a spitting hag with a tenor buzz hole voice (be glad she isn't your mother.)    But it works like this, if you live in spoiled envy rather than attempting to develop what God gave you meaning how you were born, that envy or desire to be someone else conflicts with your own body/mind creationism.  That conflict is what causes the cancer.  It is energy that doesn't belong with that body and hence it is in conflict with it!  And it is probably a lot like any short cut of escapism like drugs like heroin, pot etc.  they are good for an immediate high but most likely to kill you of an early death!  The letdown from that must be horrific!

I would free you if I could but you don't want to be freed; you just keep coming back and back for more!  One might make a comparison from cancer from envy based hatred to death from heroin and form the assertion; the person is ADDICTED to slowly killing themselves!

Here is where the spoiled part comes in; you don't view yourself as spoiled because your parents projected their own self pity on you and you failed to develop because of that; you were not effectively disciplined because you couldn't be so you don't even know you are mean!

And in this specific case your perception of you not being mean isn't important; it is your hatred in envy of your victims and how they view you that is important in the formation of your cancer! You believe everything you do and say is a benefit to civilization even empirical evidence has proven you wrong every single time! Your energy doesn't help your victims is destroys them! Why? Because you are not at the level of a human being! You didn't and couldn't develop! In effect that is your impact on the entire human population, you destroy it because you are not on the equivalent level of it. Again you are taught to believe that everything you do and say is a benefit when the exact opposite is true! You are pure negative energy that is a cancer to the human race and civilizations. You don't belong here living with us because of that!

So if you hear voices use your pure mental voice to warn them that they are likely to die from cancer that is caused by envy based hatred of the human mind. And that is the best advice you could ever give that voice that talks to you or the demon who victimizes you to incite hatred of them. They hurt you in hopes that you will curse them so that they can listen to it! It doesn't get more low life than that! The current Miss America was kicked out of her college sorority for advocating hazing! That sorority got the issue right didn't they! But somehow the Miss America pageant didn't, unless you want to say that she learned her lesson from that punishment and therefore was made into a beautiful spiritual person deserving of the title.

To truly love the person that you are actively causing to hear voices would mean that you imprint coins with an image of their head. Instead we are getting to the point where they are going to want to put a hags head on the currency! That will make it worth so much more won't it! :) See I do have a sense of humor!


Off topic.

Now there is a quote from the Bible that I heard last night on the AM radio, I have to repeat it. You have to be on a certain level to understand the depth of Jesus words here and I am paraphrasing it as best I can from memory, “There are those who will come to believe they are doing God a favor by killing you.” I don't like to quote negative things like that. But it was Jesus who said it and it therefore seems very profound while also valid.

Cancer from Envy based hatred can be thought of as a transcription error regarding stolen body and mind energy?  Anyone ever see the end of the movie Blade Runner, it was based on a novel by Philip Dick.  In it the "creator" is making essentially the same argument to the clones who are about to kill him.

If you believed in yourself we would not be hearing your voices.  And because you do not believe in yourself or your own natural potential to achieve you have ill fated the physical body of yourself from your own negative energy!  You are convincing your own body to self destruct because of envy!   I have never read a better essay on why it is a seven deadly sin!

I didn't do anything to you that would cause you to hate me!  Again it is the mentally defective that hate for no reason and therefore are subjected to cancer from the internalization of it!  You cannot fool the creation of your body!  It can't be done!  You can fill test tube after test tube but you will never find a cure!  And your search for a cure rather than admission of the true nature of the problem will  kill all of us!  Try this approach for once in the history of the world, "And the truth shall set you free!"

We are rapidly getting to the point of technological advancement where science is proving the concepts of those who are demonically possessed (...assertions of the validity of the seven deadly sins) while at the same time it is also disproving false sciences and criminalizing those who fraudulently committed them!

Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014

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