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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gun Control is 11 30 2014

Gun Control is 11 30 2014

To drive all United States based manufacturing operations out of business via the flood of cheap labor foreign products with the notable exception of GUNS!

Whereby the price of United States made guns remains high so that the poor cannot afford them!

Nor do they mass produce them in China so that the slave laborer equivalent worker cannot have them.

The champion free markets with the notable exception of guns!  The reason being?  They control the inflow of those products and profits from them into the United States.

And then they mock the honest American because they don't have jobs?  Real men like to create!  And they like to build things in a manner that is safe for the environment.  Why?  Because when you contaminate the environment it leads to plague and death of your family, so that is a real mans responsibility!

Perhaps someday the United States will figure out that it also needed that very cheap source of Guns here in order to fight an invasion from that same communist country?  A level and fair playing field is democracy!

They have put American Citizens in Jail because they have made AK-47's whereas you can buy one that is the exact equivalent called a WASR at the sporting goods store?  What is the reasoning?  They don't want the American Citizen to save that extra $200 dollars!  Perhaps the reason is also that a certain faction of us who were hired to be engineers via the networking principle find it a direct hurt to their self esteem that some American citizens actually have residual skills their fathers taught them, no matter how much the mentally retarded have attempted to drown out our ability to think for ourselves?  Let's keep talking to that person until they can no longer think for themselves?  That is a race that has human genes that did not become expressed in adulthood!

If the COMPREHENSIVE background check to own a handgun is only $13 why should the fee be any higher to own a machine gun or silencer?  According to the Constitution taxation must be uniform or it is illegal!

And there would be massive wealth redistribution if taxation as uniformly based on aptitude, true competence and comprehension with negative points for pure verbal manipulative ability!  And comprehension does include evaluating the future impacts of your decisions!  The Profits had that ability and the Jews ( An esoteric Jewish sect not confirmed to be all) did not and that is why they killed the Profits in genocide in ancient times?

"It is a crime for you to think of reason's why I can't violate your human  rights."  You might receive that accusation by some?

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Having a concern for the environment was a contraindication to you being employed in Business; even if you were at a firm that was involved in Investment Banking of Environmental Companies.  Yeah I remember a certain little man gasping for breath and almost choking when I asked hard hitting questions!  Don't ask about the future impact of chemicals on human beings, why did you ever go into business, blah blah blah.


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