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Monday, November 24, 2014

Humor 11 24 2014

“You would never be happier than if you allowed that dead mother that is inside of you to express herself through homosexual dance.”

The phrase, "A dead brain full of vagina leaven!" pops into my mind in analysis of the odd mental energy of that which is speaking to me.

Isn't that what a born dead brain full of vagina leaven and its fatherless son would want you to believe?  Something that transgender your sexual identity?  Why do they want men to believe it is okay to be gay?  Because they want to make love to them?  Because they don't want their own "sons" to have guilt for wanting to touch them?

Jesus was tempted by Demons, I know it means that he heard voices of the mentally defective but what else does that mean? And how does that translate into our modern civilization? Tempted by demons; as if inhibitions are not normal but rather a male weakness? But more to the point they want to label humanity normality as inhibition and a male weakness! Thank God a hag like that wasn't my mother!
But what is a demon?  It looks like an inbred to me!  And you the brain deformation happens before the bodily one does so you can indeed have demons that look normal!  And they have great verbal ability but very low IQ coupled with some form of dyslexia.  And what does dyslexia really mean?  That they don't know the meaning of the words or are reluctant to read them because they would have to apply a missing concept called comprehension!  And what is comprehension!!! Bingo!  It is thinking about what you are reading as you are reading it!  It is listening to yourself think as you are reading!  The Bible uses the term host quite a bit!  They don't want their mental hosts to listen to themselves as they read and think!  That demon wants a retarded interpretation of what is read to be the norm!  It wants to deny that its hosts is far better than it!  Nothing could make a demon hate itself than if it was forced to confront that it wasn't in control of its own self, if it was forced to listen to a happy human mind reading and thinking on its own the demon would become very depressed and suicidal!  And when they are a danger to themselves in that manner they are also a danger to the normal human beings!  That is justification for euthenization!  Psychology has never adequately studied the thought process of the mentally defective and abnormal from this standpoint!  It is something that they would want to sweep under the carpe any books or knowledge of it the demon would want destroyed!  Just as the British burned vernacular Irish literature!

Male weakness isn't that a male doesn't desire to be a homosexual it is that a male abhors that other males can think better than they do; like men do!

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