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Monday, November 17, 2014

Two Horns with a small Zero between them is the symbolic spelling of God 11 17 2014 updated

Two Horns with a small Zero between them is the symbolic spelling of God.

What is the first thing we learn in the Book of Genesis about God? God is an ephemeral voice that mocks a Jew who is working by telling him or them that they are a stiff necked people! And you do indeed get a stiff neck when you hear voices in your head and attempt to work through them.

But what does the word Rabbi mean? From the St. Joseph Edition of the Bible we learn that Rabbi means teacher. Now we get into the legend of the Golem. It is stated that a Rabbi would mark one six on a persons head for a first offense, two for the second and three for the third. So a person with a 666 on their forehead was indeed the Devil? But why would a teacher mark someone's forehead? There can only be two reasons. 1. That person cannot learn and is therefore the equivalent of the beast. 2. That is the only person who can learn and is therefore the scapegoat all others will learn from in reflective thinking upon what they do.

But somewhere there had to be ambiguation of that 666 symbol! That ambiguation comes from the person who is being marked squirming around and the mark therefore becoming illegible!

What do I believe the original mark was?

Two horns with a small zero in between them. Signifying that this person has two horns and no mind or human brain activity in between them! What makes me believe this? The fact that a person being marked is squirming around. And the fact that it was a teacher that marked them! The first 6 is the left horn. The middle zero is not a 6 at all but the lower half of a six. And the last six is a 6 that is flipped vertically so that it is the left horn on the head of a sheep! With the thick base of the horn on the side of the skull and the prongs veering outward and then upward inward. Like this “6 o <6>” “<6>” meaning you flip that one vertically on its axis to get how it should really be because the keyboard won't render it. So replace the six with a d to make it read right. 6od

Okay when you look at that symbol “6od” What does it read? “6 od”

God is a retard!

Now how does the God Baal read? “b o o l” The second o and the l are the second horn. Per my memory it was the god baal that killed many of the 144,000 prophets. A prophet was just someone who could think for themselves and therefore make projections about how things could likely turn out to be because they had the normal hippocampus.

"Here is what is said at every Catholic Mass.

Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world
Have mercy on us

Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world
Have mercy on us

Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world
Grant us peace

Unless you eat of the flesh and drink of the blood of lamb of God you are not one of us!"

That is all the language of sacrifice. But is it really pagan sacrifice? Is sacrificing someone that cannot learn and therefore will pose a danger to your Jewish tribe or society really a pagan ritual? No. One might say that is the only way that CIVILIZATION can be maintained!

Adolf Hitler first killed the mentally ill. But he lumped two factions together. The mentally defective and the mentally afflicted. How can one say that those whom 6od is constantly talking to are in effect mentally defective (means you were born with a brain abnormality or had a brain injury that caused a brain abnormality.)

The Jews were also known to evict by community rule those who were not up to snuff. Did they mark them first? The Jews mistake being that instead of euthanizing they let those mentally defective live to come back to haunt them?

'b a a l' I believe it was Baal or 6ool or 6od that came to enslave the Jews in Egypt? Did he also participate in the heathenization (sp)of them? They were fed beer and bread. Feeding a pregnant woman alcohol is how you get a mentally retarded child, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. “b a a l” they got the first horn on the left right but after that the person “Baal” started to squirm more?

Now to end up the article. Some  sheep have horns. Sheep is the Irish word for curse. Sheep have Scabies. It is much like Chronic Wasting Disease or Crutchfield Jacobs or indeed the fungus that is now killing snakes in Wisconsin?

What did Jesus say to the Pharisees? He looked them straight in the eye and accused them of poisoning his people to make them mentally retarded, “Beware the leaven of the Pharisees.” Where the Pharisees really evicts themselves? Where the gauntly eyed Romans evicts that came back to dominate Israel?

Is every school bully really a mentally defective child? Do many bullies parents drink like fish and therefore they likely have mental retardation from fetal alcohol syndrome? And what does the word Retard mean? It means to delay the development of! Between 14 and 43.5 million Americans have some form of reading disorder, dyslexia, and that can only be labeled mental retardation.

So any Jews that are reading this who were not heathenized do you know what the threat of enslavement by the mentally retarded poses? Do you know how that was a threat to your people in history.

“Gee you are odd” “Geeodd.” “Geod” “God” “6od”

“No you are not allowed to call me that you are to call me Good instead. And if you do not call me 6ood I will beat you up.”

Phonetically 6ood “good” is very similar to Ghoul isn't it! “66ool” really a mark of horns “6od” made on a squirming head.

Scary isn't it. Would you trust a Ghoul to be your 6od?

Circumstantial evidence tells me that a lot of children of French Origin have autism? Per my prior research I found out that France has the highest instance of Rh- blood. Pylori is a germ that burrows into the stomach and causes ulcers. I think that there is reason to believe it originates from cannibalism of the dead? (probably another word for it but making t   he distinction would be a crime! So we come full circle in the charade to the lyrics that I sang as a parishioner for a recent funeral of a young person that died of a heart attack. “Unless you eat of the flesh and drink of the blood of lamb of God you are not one of us!” That bothers me. In fact after I sang that lyric in Church I ejaculated this phrase, “That is horrible.” Don't know who heard it, the more the better I suppose.

Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014

Originally published on 11 17 2014 at:

The mark of the beast is really the horns of the beast with zero in between them!

Look at how the horns of a sheep look like a 6!!!!

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