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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Petition to Start On Health Insurance 11 08 2014

Petition to Start On Health Insurance 11 08 2014

A person from the Social Security Administration told me that is illegal to sell you health Insurance if you are on Medicare!

What does this mean if you have been sold it?  It means that you have a giant rebate coming back to you with interest if indeed a petition is created!

How many years did you pay when you should not have?  For some of us that is decades!

Yesterdays Milwaukee Journal Sentinel revealed how a false conviction was used as propaghana in order to eliminate the Death Penalty in Chicago and Illinois.  An actor was used to impersonate a police detective the interrogated the defendant in his home.  He was on a thee day crack bender.  (They had to have known he was on the crack that day which means they distributed it to him?)  But the point is has our media used similar propaganda and published similar fraudulent stories of American Citizens being bankrupted because they did not have health insurance?  If so that is fraud created with media propaganda!  Scare stories that are machinations!

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