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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Person is on Death Row for a Crime Against Humanity 11 12 2014

A Person is on Death Row for a Crime Against Humanity 11 12 2014

Some time before their scheduled execution they have an epiphany (by the grace of God or the Holy Spirit) they realize what a horrible person they for what they have done and kill themselves.  I ask you why that statistic should be something we should attempt to prevent?  I ask you why that should ever be part of a statistic that is used to support gun control?  It shouldn't.

One more point!  You cannot buy a gun if you are addicted to a substance like marijuana.  Why?  Because that addiction drives you to compete in unfair ways to support the addiction.  Those include crimes like stealing, pimping and drug dealing yourself.  What the implication is, is that if you cannot buy a gun because you use marijuana it means that you need to hand over your guns if you use it, even if it is the one your father gave you!  Their is no family tradition that needs to be supported and maintained when a son is a drug user.

I also believe that any citizen has a right to take note of who has tried to sell them drugs.  And they have the right to confiscate their guns with the use of deadly force.  And if they are ever confronted by that person again to use drugs I believe they have the right to use deadly force against them before deadly force has been used against them.

A young girl was shot in her home in the core of Milwaukee.  She was living with her grandparents.  All of the community members are afraid to say who did it.  What can that only mean?  It means that you can't trust the authority whom you would tell who did it!  And that is the Milwaukee Police Department.  That is a very serious issue!  Now I am going to create a petition with regard to betraying the public trust and the right to own a firearm!  It will essentially read that betraying the public trust as a civil servant or someone granted greater rights than the rest of us as in a Corporate manager who commits pollution or negligent homicide will be deemed to be a person who has engaged in treason!  A crime against the fabric of our Democracy!  And as such that should be the only form of Gun Control!  Those who seek to destroy the United States Constitution!  Again only circumstantial evidence of this is needed as they betrayed the public trust as a paid civil servant who was hired and took an oath to serve and protect!

Not only am I saying that a majority of police officers who approve the shooting of homeless men should not be on the police force I am stating they should not be allowed to own firearms after they are fired.  Again they betrayed the public trust!  It is a very serious crime!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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