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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fat is so hard to get rid of it must be an ILLNESS of the FLESH 11 30 2014

Fat is so hard to get rid of it must be an ILLNESS of the FLESH 11 30 2014

By that I mean the Flesh's immune response to something.  Whereby that something causes you to eat more!

A wild cat can gorge itself and still get up to speed very quickly.  That isn't the same with humans!

Eating more calories than you can utilize might come from the delusion that you are really another person that has far more skills and capabilities than you do?  You are eating as if you were them?  Because you have a mental defect you believe that if you did all the work that they did you would be that much more hungry?

Or perhaps you eat because it is very stressful to you that you don't have those same skills as the person you believe you are?


You eat as if you need to build calories to do the same amount of work as the person who has a better mind and therefore more skills than you?


You eat because it is a false reward system for yourself because you don't have the skills that you really believe you do, hence eating is the incremental reward for you.

So in all of those cases the fat is indeed due to an impaired mental function isn't it.

But what if the fat was really an inflammatory and sequestering response to foreign pathogens?  Sounds like a crock to you?  How many chemicals are in your body that should not be?

Just like the Leaven of the Pharisees those are things that cannot be Baptized out of you!

Someone made a profit from the sale and distribution of those chemicals and they should have never been allowed to!  They received one of the most criminal entitlements imaginable didn't they!

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