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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Did the North enter the Civil War because Abrahams wife was 11 19 2014

Did the North enter the Civil War because Abrahams wife was 11 19 2014

Did the North enter the Civil War because Abraham Lincolns wife was being driven insane by both baby black and white children from the South.

One part of Lincolns speech the Gettysburg address is very telling, it is as if he wanted to say more in it but didn't.  I will put what I believe the missing words were in parenthesis.

"It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced."  November 19 1863 part of the Gettysburg address.

That is the exact punctuation of rather with a comma before and after!  Do you get the nuance?

"It is for us the living, rather (than the living dead milky white eyed confederates), to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced."

Now what about the Roosevelt's who came into power in the early 1900's.  What part did they play in the Confederate south?  Their family money came from the opiate trade with China.  And one of three Doctors that was required to give Franklin Roosevelt an exam declared he wasn't right in the head.  New York was indeed the port of trade for slave goods from the south.

Now here is something very interesting I read in the Milwaukee Journal this morning.  Milwaukee was the fastest growing city in the Midwest as ships traded here.  But when goods came up from the post Confederate South Chicago started to blossom.  And what do we know about Chicago it was (And is today also, believe me I lived there) the heart of organized crime (along with what I believe to be New York, Florida, Texas, California, Nevada and perhaps Ohio.  The Corruption in Chicago is along those same FDR family opiate lines a Heroin epidemic.    I believe what they want to happen is for a Civil War to happen in the United States whereby a foreign country like England, Russia, or China then swoop in to loot the place.  The rich and networked criminals will do all right in the United States just like they did in the great depression and just like the higher powers of Israel who sold the rest of the country out to the Romans.  One thinks that Poland was persecuted by Adolf Hitler but the truth is that in some Polish villages when War was declared the children immediately shot some Jewish children.  What is the point?  You might be just like those Jews that were shot and you don't even know it!  You don't even have to be Jewish to worry about that, just consider that you are an honest American and your normal children could be shot for no apparent reason by someone that was dependent minded to them, like a band of bullies!

The traditional black church had its roots in Voodoo and zombification of men and women.  They did very well under opiate FDR.  I view psychiatry as a modern insurrection by them!  And it is facilitated by those who are white and have the black gene?

Lincoln is making a nuance of statement this country is for us and not the living dead who would victimize your family members to be made mentally ill as if you were the living dead too?  I have never read the complete biography of Mary Todd Lincoln.  But I am willing to bet a lot of the important points are missing or omitted.

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There was a boxing match in Milwaukee where the boxer died.  Some of the video footage from it is missing!  And indeed there were no charges brought against the organization.  What most people don't realize is that things like regulating boxing and politics are often up for grabs by the most corrupt people that ever existed!  We assume that everyone is on the up and up.  But if you just read the paper you actually see that very few purported "authorities" do not belong in the positions they are in because they have no personal integrity.  The reason they do not uphold the integrity of their positions of power is because they came easy to them, just like a favor!  When you are granted a job as a favor you are indeed a sycophant!  And that is very bad for our Democracy and the world!

Anyone see how when Barrack was in Milwaukee he was very nervous, looking left and right as if he had never had an audience of black people before?  As if he was not comfortable being around them?  That is how I read it.

Was the United States about to head into a Civil War over the repeal of Prohibition by FDR?  Look at what was going on at the time, the stock market was looted in 1929, people were starving in the United States from the rich closing the doors to everything? and we were going to War in Germany.  So one might ask the question,  how come we had all that money to finance the war effort but not lift us out of the Great Depression?  And Huey Long who was to be an opponent of FDR and promised to give the nation free health care was killed by a German American doctor from the south named Weiss.  And a great many showed up to Weiss's funeral in the south in ode to him!   And in the heart of this was the genetics movement which spawned psychiatry.  How?  It has to do with Alma Wisconsin, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome mental retardation, one Jew in the town who had his own mind that was split in support of the rest?  That is the way that I read it!

Let me ask you this.  If the Republicans and Democrats make litanies of promises that they do not keep; do you trust a single one of them when it comes to acts of War?  When they are pushing for something very quickly do you trust them?  One wants to say that nothing good happens because they are deadlocked but that might just be the show or fa├žade!  They are just killing time while they maintain wealth status?  And it is an impeachable offense to incite civil unrest but they sure do it and when it happens the President remains silent or uses speeches to defer the blame to Americans having too many rights!  Can you believe it?

Now skipping ahead to WWII again. So somehow we had the money to fund a war effort?  Where did we get that money from?  Printed and given to banks?  Or banks profits from looting the stock market in 1929.  Did we get money to fund the war effort because FDR had been shipping guns to Great Britain for quite some time before we entered the war?  The point is that FDR did not plan on getting into the War until the Japanese targeted Pearl Harbor Hawaii.  And here is the great double cross!  Great Britain and therefore Winston Churchill of the monkey worshipping Druid Society and British Navy had knowledge of the Japanese fleet whereabouts in the Pacific (where Hawaii is for the uneducated) and THEY DID NOT TELL THE UNITED STATES!  How many American lives were lost in Pearl Harbor and WWII?  2402 in Pearl Harbor and 407,316 in WWII.

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