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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Can't get a black person to help you at a department store? 11 23 2014

Can't get a black person to help you at a department store?  11 23 2014

Just say under your breath below the threshold of hearing, therefore subliminal, "I've got some weed for you!"  Their ears will perk up and they will come running like the farm dog at dinner time.

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Seriously when you think about the notion of using drugs of escapism, isn't the person really attempting to preserve or beautify or celebrate the memory of something good that happened?  And when they become addicted instead of continuous achievement they just draw on those stale and dusty memories and their cognitive development is stalled.  Perhaps the issue is that some people are demons to work for and were born that way.  The workplace should not be where demons feed on your emotional and therefore physical energy; meaning life!  I also do not like those with strong verbal manipulative ability and low IQ being in management positions!  And examining a person via a non harmful brain scan is not the same as experimenting on them.


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