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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Vampire Bat Antigen Blood 11 12 2014

Vampire Bat Antigen Blood 11 12 2014

Some blood types might have an antigen in them to Vampire bats? The RH+ antigen is an antigen to the Rhesus monkey blood. The Rhesus lived high in trees just where bats do to. So to have an antigen to the Rhesus monkey might mean you have an antigen to the blood sucking bat too?

Somehow through a complexity I can not articulate at the moment I believe that there is truth to it! Perhaps those without the antigen did not evolve in the same way the rest of us do? Perhaps they are the ones who demonize the select few of the human race to hear voices? Perhaps their skin is more pale than the rest of white peoples?  I believe that there is a Vampire bat antigen factor that goes along with the Rhesus antigen factor.  Because the Rhesus is highly likely to be infected by the Vampire bat?  Hence if you have an immune response to the Rhesus you have an immune response to the Vampire bat too?  And perhaps that was what the ceremonial monkey was about in ancient Egypt? Building an immunity to the monkey so that once bitten we didn't become, act and think like them?   Off topic, both Ebola and aides are spread by sodomy.  And monkeys have sex with all other monkeys of different sexes and ages in the trees.  In Africa those who have Ebola are considered someone that should be shunned for that very reason?


This might explain the factual history of the Revenant; not having the RH+ blood. It might explain why some people desire to keep others prisoner as was the case before the French Revolution.

Look at Prince Edwards ears! If you look at the picture of Barrack Obama and Putin at that oriental summit, they are both bat/monkey eared aren't they! But analyze their behavior very carefully in office and what do you come up with? To them Government is a matter of “Acting!” They are like acting elf's! It is all talk and then odd misuse of power rather than productive maintenance of human rights, freedom and in the U.S. Our Constitution. A real man would say, this is what we need to do and this is why, and this is who it will be done. Have noticed how much time Barrack devotes to Communism rather than maintaining our democracy? Now just look at the odd fitting of the Corporation in the Country of the United States? These people have granted themselves the fictional right of limited liability for their actions! And it surfaces in the way employees are treated. That is very equivalent to communism! In the corporate world employees are used as tools to maintaining the profit status of the President of the Corporation. Now here we get into the un-sustainability of Corporate America. They raise prices to increase share prices. That causes inflation. Then they grant themselves salaries that are in-disparate to the educated United States Citizen of the middle class who is likely smarter than they are. In effect it allows them to stay one wealth status above the middle class! What happens next is order to remain competitive they subvert environment laws and also workers rights. We got all this from FDR. But here is the point if they would have had to obey laws like the rest of us do per the Constitution and been successfully prosecuted we would never have the problems that we do! Not only that, they would not be of a wealth status and would not be indoctrinating the country with unconstitutional acts! Empirical Evidence tells us they have been illegal for the last 90 years! The granting of limited liability is unconstitutional and needs to end! Why it violates the rights of those who follow the Constitution! So there is another petition right there! It is very similar to communism as those who are not at the upper echelon are dis-empowered and made to work themselves to death with no retirement. All to feed a great pay disparity to those who are making that money from an unconstitutional business structure! Again the point being is that if they would have had to compensated the country and those who were harmed by their shielded negligence they would not be wealthy. So in effect they have not earned their money in fairness. One might say that anyone who operated under the manager status of a Corporation should have their wealth redistributed from them. Now the way to accomplish that is to limit the pay and all income to a Corporate executive to be some level such as $50,000. Also set public review and control of their expense accounts at a capped level. And then that money made over and above that amount is sent as a check directly to the middle class and honest poor! They were not paying a fair share on it so it might as well just flow to the United States Citizen in paycheck form. And you know we could put them to the test and check for their psychological response to certain stimuli to see if indeed they are cognitively normal; but if we did that it might mean a holocaust when we accurately analyzed the results. For example we see that many of them like to watch sexual mutilation videos of little blonde haired little boys per their biometric responses (a great many scientific measures can be made.) Or they look at poor person dying in the cold and they like the sight of that? Etc. Etc. And it might even be women who like to attempt to effeminate boys to become homosexuals? What do you think of a woman who likes to watch one male sodomizing another or engaging in fellatio? I would say she isn't one of us who belong on earth! She is something that fell out of the tree and tagged along with us. The Bible's way of saying it is, “The miserable ones who are still with us.”

Thomas Paul Murphy

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