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Monday, November 10, 2014

Moral and Defensible Objection to Gays Serving in the Military 11 10 2014 updated

Moral and Defensible Objection to Gays Serving in the Military 11 10 2014

A. Let's say that Americans gay and straight alike, are drafted into WW3 against a foreign country.  Lets say that as American Citizens we had very little way of having our voice heard to object to the cause of that War.  Indeed it could be for an economic interest that favored the wealthy, confederate or those of the oil industry.  Let's say I am just an honest American attempting to live an honest life by the rules of fairness!  Now lets say that their is a man from the foreign country we are fighting that is exactly like me!  He is trying to live about the same life as I am.  About in the same shoes as me and has no control over the actions of his Government because of the corrupt influence of the money of the wealthy.  I have a moral objection to a GAY United States soldier killing him!  A Gay or Lesbian is more foreign than a foreigner to me in that case!

B. Now how would you feel if you were the leader of that Foreign country and you faced opposition from a Gay United States Military?  Very quickly you would be using the nuclear threat or even launching them!  You would want no part of that!  You would not want your men to have to face the horror of that as articulated in paragraph A.

C. Let's say it was a President that I didn't vote for and didn't believe in that took us to war! Now lets say the leader of the foreign country we are at War with has a Gay son who is a General.  That General will be responsible for setting up POW camps.  It doesn't get any worse than that does it!  He might even cull through the prisoners to find a mate like him.  He might even rape a few to see who is a good fit.  He might even emasculate a few he finds desirable. That isn't homophobia when you are POW in that camp is it!  In which case you wish you had a shovel to knock the person who made that term up and defended it over the head with! "How did they ever dupe me into accepting homophobia as a valid term?"  You would say in that horror.  "I wish I had said something to the contrary and spoken up!"  "If I had only had the courage to say something when I was back home!"

It may be very hard for some of you who are living in a defective serotonin gene delusion why foreign countries hate the United States but I think I just articulated on reason about as well as a man can.


I can make many different arguments that are equal to this one on the topic.


Gay marriage will always be Unconstitutional! The Constitution was written by men for men!  It wasn't written by males with the minds of men and the sexuality of women.  It wasn't written by those males who like to engage in sodomy with other males, fellatio with other males!  The United States wasn't established to be the gay marriage country!  Their is a GREAT DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A MAN AND A HOMOSEXUAL!  GREAT!  Now somebodies mother might want to believe something else from a lifetime of coddled delusion but what she believes isn't true and representative of our Constitution.  I don't even have to take the argument past that and into the articles and wording of the Constitution in order to prove it!  But I could do that if I wanted to!  I have a very strong intellect; even though I can't make a living by using it because the voices distract me from perfecting any and all trade that I can perfect.  In a country of Gay marriage there is only one generation of that country.  Doesn't that also mean that Gay people reduce the competitive positioning of the straight male in our country and reduce some of our Generations in that economic deprivation process.  You got pushed out of a job to support your family and the mans gay mother who you competed with and lost tells everyone how successful her son is; hip, hip, horay!  He doesn't want to naturally procreate the human race does he!  Hip, hip, horay his mother brags at the mahjong game with her coven.  And when she see's you the honest American son she puts on the pretense that you don't matter.  The truth is that raising children wasn't something she was born to do.

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So does it make sense that they would be allowed to remain home while normal men and women fight for them?  No!  We just know that isn't right!  Why?  Because it isn't fair to the rights of men that want to have natural families!  They should not have to go to war while those who are gay live a comfortable life because of their sacrifice or straight men being martyred for them!  So what is the implied solution to the problem?

So either way I find it morally objectionable!

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