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Friday, November 28, 2014

Haywire Logic 11 28 2014

Haywire Logic 11 28 2014

You need a permit to have a certain thing of a certain type.  Now if you don't have the permit which costs hundreds of dollars it means that you could go to prison for 10 years.

But rather than adjudicate at that time whether you qualify for the permit or not you are instead sentenced.  The qualification being solely money paid then?  And the determination if it were to be made at the time of discovery could never be guarantied not to be subjective?

Lets say that you qualified for the permit in every single way accept that you did not have the money to be convicted and therefore sentenced would be a violation of your rights!

There was another issue like this too that is hay wired and not consistent with the Constitution.  I will remember it later.

And I know the person making the determination always wants to believe in their Divine Right to do so, but that cannot be trusted because of human nature and the fact that the United States is not ruled by divine right but rather rule of law.  And that rule of law doesn't say that people with money have greater rights than those who do not!  In fact it states the exact opposite of that!

The founding fathers would have never wanted judicial standards based on money.  We have quite of few of those concepts to weed out of our United States Civilization!

We don't create a job for a person just so that they can collect money for themselves from us!

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