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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Book Review author Steven Seager "Behind the Gates of Gomorrah" 11 23 2014

Book Review author Steven Seager "Behind the Gates of Gomorrah"  11 23 2014

Was watching Book Television tonight and thought I would write about it.

He works as a psychiatrist at a place called Napa.  He stated that there were 10,000 assaults there every year! That is 10 assaults a day.  If you go there you are guarantied to get assaulted.

The ones who commit the assault are sent from the place to prison and then right back to Napa because they are criminally insane and it is a hospital for the criminally insane.

He implied that it is often the same people who commit the assaults in this manner.  And he stated that if a staff member is assaulted they have to rely on the good psychotic patients to save them!

That is against you Constitutional rights to be placed in a place like that!  Why?  It is cruel and unusual punishment!  To put you into a place where you are guarantied to be assaulted is cruel and unusual punishment.

There is only one answer and there has to be capital punishment for the ones who continue to harm others in that place unprovoked!

Now what if a man like a psychiatrist like this killed a patient or conspired to kill one of those that was victimizing everyone in there?  Then he would have committed a crime that is the equivalent of what those in the place wouldn't he have?  Maybe and maybe not.  So the way to handle this is to have strict protocol about who should be executed and who shouldn't and why?

And another issue here is that the person who is committing that crime might be demonically possessed to do so?  So when you kill him, through capital punishment, you have not eliminated the source!

So the key here is to distinguish between those who are doing the demonic possession who could be defined as mentally defective SINCE BIRTH!  Versus the patient that was not mentally defective but instead demonically possessed to be violent.  And I believe a brain scan could be able to determine this!  It has to do with a defective hippocampus and one person not viewing the world like a human being but instead through "inverse imprintation."

I know what the mentally defective who inverse imprint are like.  I know the type or person that stabs you with a pen for no apparent reason!  I know what it is like to fear a beast of a person who wants to assault you; just because you are human and raised by good parents.  I went to Catholic grade school.

Fair disclosure, I am a person who has heard voices since 1991 and perhaps the best way to say what is going on is what Jesus Christ told us, "Protect your CROWN until I come again."

I am telling you that schizophrenia is medical fraud,  the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause makes it medical fraud.  The cause is inferred in what Jesus Christ told us!

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