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Friday, November 7, 2014

The original purpose of money is that it allowed “them” to live with us! 11 07 2014

The original purpose of money is that it allowed “them” to live with us! That is why they control it so well! For if they had to live among themselves and separate from us they would not be happy! That which does not have its own consciousness figured out that if it gave us something we desired it would be rewarded to live with us.

A lot of the mode of the voices is indeed in that watcher state mentality of “ha ha ha you evicted us but look you just made a mistake!” It is the resentful theme of great insecurity.

Those who were evicted from the Garden of Eden could only watch and wonder what those who were not did and how they lived. Likely they hid in the perimeter a great distance away and watched. Some ancients watched the stars and some wondered what they did in the cities they were evicted from?

Again the theme is great spite for everything that one of us does and thinks! As if it is comical to be a human and think like one! As if one can't wait to laugh for one of us to make a mistake because in an odd way it justifies the watcher's sense of false self esteem.

A long time ago someone probably said to them, it is a burden for you to live among us, how can you make it worth our while of keeping you with us? Then money was invented. And once it was invented the dynamic changed one hundred and eighty degrees so that those who should not live among us controlled the economy; and our health and wellness!

I am going to make the point again. If you are not happy living in the land of the free a democracy like the United States is, you will never be happy anywhere; you will never be happy! And who is not happy living among us in a democracy? That which shadows our human consciousness and mocks our thoughts with voices!

So if you hear voices and find yourself homeless always remember that, the original purpose of it was so that those who should not be living amongst humans because they are a danger to us could; because they could not live and survive among their own kind and abhorred it!

God judged them already and they never did repent!

It is three day's after Scott Walker was elected Governor of Wisconsin again, and what did they say on the weather? A storm so big that it can't be called a hurricane but rather and SUPERSTORM is on its way from Alaska down to the Midwest (Wisconsin). God has spoken hasn't he! There is nothing wrong with phrasing it exactly that way, it is written that way on every casualty insurance policy, an act of God. I have a feeling that this will be the first of two storms, and that the second one will be worse. This one is said to have 50 foot waves and 96 mile per hour winds. If those 50 foot waves were to wash up on land could the weight of them cause tectonic plate shifting? If one small land mass is submerged could many more follow along with it in a domino effect? How much damage will that act of God cause to Wisconsin?

When you negatively attenuate a holy spirit do not be surprised if you don't like it when it descends upon you.  The moral being that you should not negatively attenuate a holy spirit.  Meaning none of us should be hearing voices by you!  Jesus said it best, (paraphrased from memory) "You can hate me all you want but if you hate the holy spirit you are condemned to eternal damnation."  What he is really saying is that it is what makes us human and to hate the Holy Spirit means that you are condemned to eternal damnation because you hate humans because you don't consider yourself one of them.  Jesus was making a comparison and a dislocation in one.  It was from him but it was what others put into it in hatred?  The hatred you put into a Holy Spirit eternally damns you and not the Holy Spirit!  And what did I hear on the radio the other day, that Satan does indeed fear God!

I like writing like this!

Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014
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