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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Putin plays the blame game, he doesn't have problems in his own country he needs to try and solve first 11 13 2014

Putin plays the blame game, he doesn't have problems in his own country he needs to try and solve first 11 13 2014

He is in control of that country and its vast resources.  In theory if he was a man he could shut his borders down and he would have everything he needed right there!  But that isn't the case with him!

He wants to blame the United States Citizen.  Some of us don't believe any Russians should have ever been allowed to immigrate to the United States.  You don't there of a balance of immigration to Russia with the United States do you!

Good country leaders lead by example.  Are there any left in the world?

Who looted Germany after WWII?  It was Russia and they even took half of it didn't they!  So what does it take 80 years for them to run out of Gold tooth money before they have to concur another nation?  Have you ever bought anything that was made in Russia (Or Africa Black for that matter)  No!  I doubt that you ever have!  Men create and men with the minds of women curse those same men!  Why do I mention this?  We are seeing a lot of propaganda about how great Putin is at the same time he is making great threats to the United States!  You can't get a media that is more anti-American than that!  And it is if Barrack Obama is playing the part of placating sissy!  For that reason alone he should be impeached!  He is not responding directly to Putin's threats with Diplomacy!  What does that tell you?  They are dragging us into WWIII!

For all we really know every Russia has a form of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder from Vodka!  They might be mentally retarded.  We should have a publicly available list of all United States Citizens of Slavic Russian origin!  At the very least they should go to the front lines of WWIII because their homeland misses them so much.  That would include Donald Trumps sons wouldn't it!  As well as Blagovich etc.

And what did the Milwaukee Journal tell us this morning?  If you are poor but intelligent and capable and you want to move up in the world you should move to Scandinavia.  A lot of good that Newspaper has done the United States or Milwaukee or Wisconsin!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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