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Friday, November 21, 2014

The Spoiled Frustration in a black womans voice

The Spoiled Frustration in a black woman's voice wanting things to be a certain way but not having the mental means to make them so.  It can't be a wish.  You have to plan out a series of steps to make things the way that you want them!  Spoiled expressions of will alone are not enough!
  And there are plenty of white women who fall into that same rut too!  Complete frustration with trying to raise children that they had.  It is like they are searching for answers in a head of solid bone!
  That mentality has fostered a great many dangers in society!  And there is no oversight or accountability!  No one can tell you anything because you don't want to listen; you want to do all the talking as if your power to convince is the exact same thing as human reason!
 Very good point isn't it!  The smooth talker who first attempts to convince you that he/she has human reason!  Those of us with human reason don't argue from that standpoint.  Instead we explain in true human reason, we do not attempt to convince with aped reason!  Or three steps removed analogous reason, about the same thing as invalid comparison!  And here again that which doesn't have human reason attempts to convince with invalid comparison while at the same time preventing human beings from expressing their valid comparisons!

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