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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Let's Take on Entitlements With Scott Walker 11 20 2014

Let's Take on Entitlements With Scott Walker 11 20 2014

Scott Walker or any Politician should have never been entitled to receive political donations!

If they had not been entitled to receive that money they would not have been elected!

If rich people have that much money to donate it means that they need to be paying more into the general health and welfare of the American People!

And who is against entitlements?  Rich members of Corporate management who have been entitled to receive unfair compensation!  Who have received the entitlement to not pay their share for the public good!  Who have entitled themselves to greater right of limited liability that has entitled them to more money!

Now lets take on the blue collar worker who feels that nobody should ever be entitled to entitlements!  If those corporations had not received their entitlements that blue collar worker would not have received an inflationary compensation through the trickle down process of those corporate welfare entitlements!  Without entitlements the blue collar worker would be poorer than dirt!

If you want to take on entitlements you do so from the top down!  But you don't have the courage to do so!  Why not?  Because as proven above the wealthy are the greatest beneficiaries of entitlements in the United States that there has ever been!  You eliminate entitlements at the top and more people at the bottom will not need them!

You are not entitled to say that someone else's mind is really your own!  Try that on, on your way to a detention camp for Republicans.

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