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Friday, November 21, 2014

The Anti Alcohol Gene 11 22 2014

The Anti Alcohol Gene 11 22 2014

I believe that I might have this anti alcohol gene.  I also believe that those who do not drink alcohol are smarter than those who do.  Is this why  Hitler did not like the Jews; because for the most part they were not drinkers?  I have indeed found that people don't like you when you don't drink! This gene seems to prevent those who have it from drinking by causing ill effects.  And from the Bible we learn that Adam and Eve were the first humans and they WERE (past tense) Jews.  Since they came from the Garden of Eden where Gods lived.  And Gods and humans did indeed live separately in those days.  It means that Jews are Gods?  But what would make you a God?  If you can't drink alcohol because of that gene then you cannot bear children that have mental retardation from fetal alcohol syndrome.  If you can't drink alcohol your offspring likely have a pristine hippo campus and non-defective human brain structure.

I am not going to describe what happens to me when I drink alcohol other than to say it is like God is punishing me very harshly when I do.

Genes have a way of expressing themselves or not expressing themselves.  We know that Jews abhorred bad food because they had purity laws known as Kosher.  Which means that they were responsible for differentiating and advancing the human race through natural selection?  The anti alcohol gene might very well be the blessing that differentiated the human race!

Just my take on the matter!  Don't expect anyone reads much of this stuff!

I have lived a long life and can tell you without a doubt people persecute those that they are jealous of.  I believe that the Pharaoh's might have done terrible things to some of them in order to ruin them or genetically lessen them as a competitive element?  And perhaps who is really who has been lost in history.

I think in the very near future we are going to have to do away with all drugs just in order to ensure the survival of the human race!

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