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Monday, November 24, 2014

Who Necessitates Psychiatric Treatment if not the criminal minded drug dealer and sexual violator 11 24 2014

Who Necessitates Psychiatric Treatment if not the criminal minded drug dealer and sexual violator  11 24 2014

And who would make a business out of supporting that criminal?

After hearing that a very famous man is accused of doping 23 women and raping them I have to ask. how many of those women needed psychiatric treatment afterwards!  If psychiatry were truly responsible they would quote how many women that were drugged and raped needed psychiatric drugs afterwards at some point in their lives?  I bet they would be happy to tell you!  And they shouldn't be ashamed that they were a victim either! 

Back to the article before this one.  Ever have a therapist attempt to channel you into homosexuality because your inhibition to be one is a weakness that is causing psychological pain?  I will give you a clue it is really that your assertion that you are normal causes a person like that great psychological pain!  In effect the oddball attempts to convince you that by giving you another problem you will solve your current one!  That is like a spoiled gypsy among us; praying on us.  So here is indeed the mental illness the woman that desires to make normal males sanji boys!

The way you start down the bad road is when they attempt to protect the criminals and deny you your anger for having feelings of injustice!  They want you to bottle it all up and say that being a victim is normal and life and you should have the ability to cope with it, because you don't have the ability to cope with being victimized is the reason for your mental affliction!  Not some beast that cannot think for itself and listens to your thoughts and then intrudes upon them.

For those of you who hear voices her is something you need to know, anytime that voice is talking to you the thoughts that follow are not likely to be your own but some odd little demon of a persons ill will that they are attempting to superimpose on you; through demonic possession!   That makes them one race less than the human species, not you!

Are they still asking each other in a criminal minded networked media, "Do you think that this will affect "ZZZZ" (black wealthy comedians) career?"  

If those 23 women who were victims picketed with signs that read "Death Penalty to ZZZZ" would you not find that very refreshing?  I will!  And I am not ashamed of that in any way!  Enough of the Church preaching to us, "We are all sinners."  What a horrible thing to say to people!  What a horrible thing to say to victim of a beast of a person!  What the church therefore amounts to is psychological warfare support in favor of the mentally defective and their actions among us!  "You are not allowed to want justice when you have been a victim of crime!"  You don't deserve it because you and all of us were born sinners!  That is unification of church and state and a direct contradiction to our concept of state called the Constitution!  It states you have the right to be liberated from such God awful people and live INDEPENDENTLY of them!  We shouldn't have to put up with this!

No they won't picket with signs like that, they will picket with signs that mean just the opposite, "pro life"  What is the likelihood a child put up for adoption will be mentally defective due to the influence of alcohol on the fetus, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder?  I would put the odds close to 100%!  Oh and those mentally defective are not criminals at all, some turn out to be very famous people don't they!  How could I say such a thing, how could I make such an accusation?  Are we not glad, should we not be glad that 23 women finally have the courage to come forward in a matter like this?  I am!  The preacher down the block is tooling up his we are all sinner's speech in response.

So in summary the criminally minded mentally defective necessitate or push psychiatric drugs on the normal whom they victimize?  Was "ZZZZ" ever a victim in his life?  Lets here your jive talk on that "ZZZZ"  What mentally defective person victimized you?  And why did you have the weakness to become a horror just like them?  So there it is again!  The difference between good and evil is free will?  Or not?  The difference between good and evil is that which was born with a brain development abnormality versus that which wasn't?  I say that it is the latter!  So the point being is that no human being should ever have to suffer from the bad will of a mentally defective brain abnormality type of person so that they can claim their was nothing that they could do to avoid being victimized and hence justify their own criminal actions, such as drugging and raping a body count of 23 women!  And that number is going to keep going up and up isn't it!

The church representing the pagan sacrifice concept of don't seek criminal justice because you are just as much a sinner is indeed an insurrection!

"Live with the personal guilt that I created in you and take this medicine I have to sell you in order to make you happy!  Take the medicine because I don't like you thinking of bad people as if they are bad people!  Those people are the greatest donators to my church coffers and therefore community!"  How much crime has that baby brained mentality fostered and been allowed to create as a participant beneficiary?  Its sense of community is in forgiving people like itself rather than criminal justice?  It doesn't believe in justice?  Time and again it points its evil finger at anyone who seeks it!

Perhaps what my dark area around the sunken eyed Italian nationality history professor said is appropriate, "The pendulum always swings the other way!"

Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014
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