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Monday, November 10, 2014

Criminal Motivation of the Mentally Defective 11 10 2014

Criminal Motivation of the Mentally Defective 11 10 2014

“You thought your mother raised you so no one would have an objection to accepting you!”

Someone of that ideologies only emotional coping mechanism is to hurt and victimize anyone that doesn't! Why? Because it doesn't want to admit it was spoiled? Because if it had to admit its mother was wrong it would kill itself? The adult world of men should work a lot differently than that shouldn't it! To admit something other than its spoiled belief system in itself is terminal to itself! The reason it can't do that is because it had a defective hippo campus and could never form memories of its own or learn from its own perspective! Hence its entire life is one of reactive thinking to the human beings it secretly seeks to abuse. It likely has a learning disability of some form. As much as we want to believe it is one of us it isn't!

That above paragraph is reason enough to justify that alcohol should be banned for the complete future of humanity! Why it is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere. It is called fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Even Dyslexia is mental retardation. Why? Because the old standard dictionary definition of “ to RETARD” is to delay the development of. Hence a reading disorder is Mental Retardation. Don't be fooled by the German American psychiatric manual that defines it not to be that. All you have to do to understand that is have a r.udimentary understanding of the English language and comprehension of the meaning of words!!!! Any argument to the contrary is rhetoric. The reason that they couldn't define it as being retarded is for the potential element of fear that paragraph one represents! Perhaps its mother projected self pity unto it? All well and good but we don't have to put up with that in the competitive world! And this article does indeed define every school bully.

Paragraph one is why you would never want someone like that to be commander in chief of the armed forces!  They do not represent the freedom of democracy!  In effect they will end up sending brave Americans to their death based on a mal interpretation of the Constitution!  In effect that can be the worst enemy of the nation!  Reducing the numbers of brave, honest and normal Americans per the psychological motivation of paragraph one.

It also likes to develop and propagandize in a false confidence in itself as a leader and provider.  It works via the network who do you know principle!  Making assurances of success to the young and  brave just like a drug dealer does to its victims! Just like Hollywood draws the  young to it who become victimized and homeless.

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