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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Easter as the then propagandized second coming of Christ 11 30 2014

Easter as the then propagandized second coming of Christ 11 30 2014

Jesus had said that one more powerful than him would come!  The Catholic Church say's that he will come again to judge the living and the dead.  Was Easter really the Church attempting to fulfill that prophecy as really being over and done?  So that the followers of him would not expect another good person to come again like him!  They didn't want the people to expect another good person like him because if that was so they would start to think in terms of what a good person like him would be like and then they would act like him?  And that would spell trouble for their businesses, etc?

So it was their way of whitewashing the concept of hope by saying he already did come again!  And then you get into the future of the Church long after the accurate memory of him is gone and they say he will come again, meaning it is not for the individual to act like him because only he will come again and can judge!  Our Judicial system in the United States does indeed judge!  Back then Jesus was a threat to church and state in one!  Today he is still a threat to church and state in one!  But we are only supposed to believe it is him who will come again!  We are taught not to judge in the Catholic Church!  That actually runs against the structure of our Civilization!

It is pure manipulation, "If I say this, this is what they will believe because of it!!!"  And there is a passage in the Bible that tells the Pharisees discussed things in just that mode and manner!

And after Easter whenever anyone supported Jesus Christ the heathen Romans would say, "I am him," and lead that person down a darkened alleyway?  "Yeah, I got everything you need!  I can help you!  Right this way."

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