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Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Bible Tells who God's are 11 08 2014

(You might not like Bible teachings but you have never heard or read this interpretation before!!!!)

The Bible tells who God's are 11 08 2014

John 1:33

On whomever you see the holy spirit come down and remain, he is the one who will baptize with the holy Spirit. Now I have seen and testified that he is the son of God.”

How can the son of God not be a God himself? Are not offspring of American Bald Eagles also American Bald Eagles?

Do you see what the Gospel of John is implying? First of that Gods walk among us in human form.

You have to know a little background as to baptismal and exorcism to get the full effect of this. In ancient times a Baptismal was conducted by holding someone under water and attempting to drown them! Hence when they come up their evil energy body is displaced and they are more likely imprinting their minds from the Holy person that held them under?

What the implication is is that only certain people are divinely born to be Catholic priests! As Catholicism is defined to believe in the way of Jesus Christ. What that quote above also resembles is a documentation of how religion was before the Romans invaded and heathenized Jews! We know that Saul who was Paul killed all the followers of Jesus Christ; who was likely the last living heir to the Hasmonian dynasty.

But here is the added part. When you traumatize someone you depart their energy body from them; as was the baptismal. So indeed Johns testimony isn't accurate! Why because no single human being is going to have their spirit remain with them immediately after that! In effect bringing a person to near death is a step by the satanic who do not have their own human conscience and human reason to take control of that human mind! For starters the victim is always thinking in relation to the person who victimized them; that is demonic possession!

The baptismal in that faction only makes sense when you have those who are born of son's of hags and you need to do something about them in order to prevent them from degrading Israel, and it only makes sense when the person conducting it is indeed a very Holy Person and wishes no malice against them.

Jesus baptismal was a shock and trauma and afterwards he was readily discredited and indeed taken into custody and murdered. It was after the baptismal that Jesus said sell your coat and buy a sword! He realized he was not dealing with those that were one of us, at that time!

Okay what did a Catholic Priest once tell me in mass? The Irish can sense the descention of the Holy Spirit on the Crowns of their head! It means that the Irish are the true Israelite s! It also means that the Irish are the last remaining true Gods! Now they knew this in New York and Great Britain (means tattoo) when the potato fungus was shipped to Ireland and caused the great famine! They also knew this when Great Britain established the first breweries in Ireland.

The people of the True Israel (the one without the pigs bones and the wine presses) fled South from the Roman Invasion likely to Spain. 98% of the Irish have the Spanish gene and they came to Ireland from the North East Basque region of Spain!!!

In order to baptize you have to be a priest! In order to baptize per the Johns testimony you have to be of the Holy Spirit! That here are a great many who are Catholic priests that do not meet that qualification!

John 1.... “Destroy this temple in three days and I will raise it up!” The Jews said this temple has been under construction for 46 years and you will raise it up in three days?” But he was speaking about the temple of his body.

The implication is very well hidden there! Jesus was really saying his mind was what was worshiped! That his mind was what they really believed in. Another point this passage makes with regard to Jewish philosophy is that your body is a temple! Beautiful!

Here is another passage that supports this assertion. The distinction is further made.

John 3:31 “The one who comes from heaven is above all. The one who comes from heaven [is above all]. He testifies to what he has seen and heard, but no one accepts his testimony.”

Now here is the part where the satan hag got here two cents in edgewise, John 3 34:35 “For the one whom God sent speaks the words of God. He does not ration his gift of Spirit.” That is the cursing tone of someone that believes you should tell them everything they need to know because it is hard for them to think on their own and act on their own. The is a semblance of the motive that was used to kill the prophets in Genocide! What they predicted or rather projected or extended never happened so you get to kill them. The Boy Scout motto is just the opposite of that resentful philosophy “Be prepared.” They also killed the Prophets then because they themselves did not have the cognitive ability to comprehend how what an intelligent person says could be wrong or write. It is like a man being sued 40 years ago and made to die homeless because he declared cigarettes caused cancer and death.

You will not find a single man on earth who has the Holy Spirit in him that hasn't learned from negative experience to ration it! One can come to believe that if one doesn't it opens up the gates of h3ll? But we have to part with it otherwise we are likely to die from stones that form. So what is the implication? That only those real men with the Holy Spirit in them should be able to breed!

What is that really saying? That there are those among us who have more inherent common sense that others of lesser intelligence won't listen to! Perhaps there are no human beings at all whatsoever but only heathens and Gods.

Those who are labeled schizophrenic if you haven't figured it out yet, you are of the Holy Spirit! And as Jesus tells us through the meaning of this phrase, “You can hate me but if you hate the Holy Spirit you are condemned to eternal damnation!” It really means that those without the holy spirit should not attenuate and aggravate those with it. Why? Because human beings are free to think above all! And that thinking transcends into the action of the disseminated Holy Spirit. Now what happens when a great many Catholic Priests are Gay? A woman who partied with them in Chicago told me that every single one of them was! You have a gay holy spirit propagate itself. And that leads to the Sodom and Gomorrah situation! That is also why the Bible states in no uncertain terms that all homosexuals are to be killed.

Are those who kill happy children, sexually molest them, get them hooked on drugs, really not of the human holy spirit but that of the watcher race that was evicted from the Garden of Eden? A watcher race that duns our minds with voices in order to raise their own sense of self esteem for not being one of us?

They can indeed show you on an x-ray how your mind (Not someone who hears voices but that whom they are of!) is wired differently from a normal person. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome takes a heavy toll on the hippocampus which is responsible for memory and learning. Inbreeding and Alzheimers also take a heavy toll of damage on the hippocampus. And indeed there is a type of person who has very strong verbal ability and yet low IQ, that is Wilson's Syndrome. They can say the words but not comprehend the meaning of them! And that is the safe side for them! Why? To really state what should be done in certain situations would be anathema to them and they could easily be condemned as a false profit. They know they have one strike against them in life with the low IQ and that second strike (professing bad solutions) is one that they are very afraid of (networked career wise!) Synthesis in thought is the pinnacle of Analysis and those with the defective hippocampus do not have it. They rely on science, they need that building block structure of thinking without contemplation as to future consequences in order to get ahead of the rest of us and to create chemicals that poison our water and create further birth defects.

Background: I was an Associate Equity Research Analyst for an Investment Firm called First Analysis which was located on the 96th floor of the Sears Tower. They were God awful! Like former Confederate soldiers resenting Americas freedom and the populace of it! And I can give you chapter and verse to support that assertion! I didn't forget! One of the reasons listed in the Declaration of Independence was that the King of England had established officers or officers everywhere in the United States. Think of that when you are forced to pay for health insurance, when they are monitoring you emails and phone conversations, etc.
By the way, if you are a young boy and masturbate and all of a sudden some old guy with a contorted red face appears, that is someone who doesn't have a normal human hippocampus and is looking to victimize you; that is Satan!  That red face indicates that he has not the mind of a man but that of a miserable hag.  You did nothing wrong, they hate the Holy Spirit and are therefore condemned to eternal damnation! They have also used psychiatry (fraud) and modern technology to condemn the entire human race.
In all those passages from the Bible above there is a direct comparison equating God and a minority (?) of Men.  Who is it that would have the goal of there only being a minority of those of us who think like men or how prophets think?  If you want to piss off the voices use your mental voice to utter this phrase (even if you are a woman who hears them) "She has no pen1s."  It is as if you can hear that person hiding behind the voice crying when you use your mental voice to say that!  Which gets into the issue that satan has a transgendered soul dependent upon whether it was inverse imprinted on a male person made schizophrenic or female person made schizophrenic to the cat's litter benefit!  But that's all for now!

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