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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

You see an ugly person and you react in horror 11 26 2014

You see an ugly person and you react in horror. 11 26 2014

You see an ugly person and you react in horror. You can't hide the expression on your face. In turn that person attacks you. Bear in mind that you did nothing wrong because we learn by comparison. Also bear in mind that whatever your initial opinion was of that person that person just validated didn't they! What is the true deep seated motivation of the attack.

  1. That person believes you possess something that would make them like you? Isn't that a subhuman animal level thought process? Frustration by that which cannot think for itself and therefore cope? It isn't fair to you to label it as immaturity is it!

  2. That person wants to negate or dis-empower that which doesn't idolize them? Or those who do not think the same thing about them as their sense of self is? The desire to eliminate competition that you know is better than you; than face (own up to) what you have already proved to yourself is a reality?

  3. I believe that we see this dynamic assert itself among children. And a non human hierarchy is created based on the brain birth defective children of alcohol users assuming the top, just as in primate tribes?
  4. What is also evident is that person can not comprehend why or how you are smarter. To them it is from some magic or unfair force. However the reality is just the opposite.
  5. The analysis holds true even if that person is not physically ugly; but perhaps it was their observed behavior that abhorred you? And again rather than them being able to modify their behavior they would like it that know one saw the behavior or had memory of it; or had the capability of seeing it or recognizing them for what you saw them to be?
  6. The disturbing notion is that the maladaptive behavior is the initial behavior! They defined themselves, but through abnormal mental reasoning have to shift the blame to you! And that is exactly religion represents; scape goat? Hence it is a construct of the mentally defective. I wanted to get into a good essay about what rule of law means! And that it does not mean rule by the spoiled and ill will of the rich who are granted law degrees. Let's say a crooked judge is removed from the bench and lives in your neighborhood. He still doesn't seem to want to believe that he is not entitled to be the “Rule of law.” He fits the psychological archetype of this article in the most egregious way doesn’t he! How do you further attempt to educate a person like that, that they are not the “Rule of law?” Public humiliation would seem fair to the average citizen and yet it would be claimed cruel and unusual punishment because in this archetype that person kills himself from the due shame! So that wasn't your fault either was it! “If you hadn't had said he did something wrong he wouldn't have killed himself.” Are you not the hero for saying it? And when anyone that say's that you are not hero for that... you have just found another one who is exactly like the first haven't you! Now this issue is about Whistle blowers and it taints Barrack Obama doesn't it! You didn't think we were always able to see that did you? I have a simple revelation, no mentally defective criminal minded person EVER believes they can or will be caught! And secondly it means you were never rule by law but something else; divine spoiled right! And that right there means that you should have never been allowed to inherit or be gifted wealth in the United States! Divine right is the rule of a mentally defective person who knows that he cannot be held accountable for his mal actions so he asserts that whatever he does is rule of law! Can't get more mentally defective spoiled than that! Barrack wanted everyone to believe that he was for fairness but when he punished the whistle-blowers we know that the exact opposite is true about him! So we did he say he believed in fairness? It was a marketing concept for him wasn't it! Does a crooked judge get the job if he does not believe in fairness? It isn't a definitive yes or no answer is it! We know how it should though don't we, the determination of a person being granted the position of a Judge should be based on, again, Fairness! An American likes to think he can safely assume that Judges have their basis in truth and that truth is the best representation of fairness! Now what happens when were are deceived with regard to that apparent... self evident belief? We held the belief to be self evident but again he did not! He didn't think we could see him! And if he doesn't think we can see him it also means that he knows bad things can a will be done to those who do see him; as support of his faulted belief system! In ancient history such great “seer's” were made blind weren't they!

The “we can just say it means this interpretation!” Convenient, on challenge or default say it was an honest error, contrived.

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It reads “We the people,” not “We the unborn fetus.” That is the pro-life movement isn't it! They believe that their unborn fetus is already mentally defective don't they; from self projection of pity? That Hillbilly Momma wearing Prada “Skins” knows for a fact mental retardation is hereditary doesn't she!

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