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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hypothetically a Famous man drugs and rapes 6 white women 11 20 2014

Hypothetically a famous man drugs and rapes 6 white women. And what does the media, a female on the radio ask another supposed expert? Do you think his career will be able to recover from this?

Shouldn't a responsible journalist really be asking, “Don't you really believe this person should get the death penalty.” Perhaps a woman is afraid to ask that type of question on her own without being prodded by a man like me! Which really means they have no business in journalism or voting! Who are you trying to fool woman? You actually believe someone like that should live to star in more famous roles? So that he can be highly compensated? So that you might have the privilege to interview him on television or radio someday? So that you can go out to lunch with him first to hash out the details. So that you can be drugged at lunch and raped yourself? Get it?

How many white women have not reported rape by black men because they were AFRAID to! How many didn't want to be charged with defamation of character (Defamation of character is illegal per our Constitution right to free speech! But that legal tool has been greatly misused and abused!)

And people want to always say that there are more black people incarcerated than white people! We never seriously asked the question maybe they just commit more crimes! They never had or formed their own civilization! A civilization has distinct characteristics that define it!

You think that I am being a racist? No way! The bad black person is the worst enemy of the black community! Get that right!

Now lets beat out these details a little more. The average guy would have no knowledge of how or where to get a date rape drug. But more importantly how much to give a woman without it killing her! What does this mean? It means that a doctor was involved! It means this rich man had to have had a discussion with a Doctor and a Doctor prescribed that drug for him to use in this purpose. Did this Doctor also have the black halo-type gene although he was a white person? Does it really mean that they have a miscegenated (and therefore improperly unfolded DNA code due to added genetic complexity) or inbred defective hippocampus? I think of it this way, you are given two maps to follow each has parts that are blotted from bleach and you have to figure out which safe way to go; even a slight pause in that development might cause an important brain development stage to be missed or miscoded? Or at the very least can we say that they have a defective serotonin (brain reward system neurotransmitter) gene? Where did he get the date rape drug! Should we be able to find prescription records? Should we be able find credit card receipts? Should we be able to find phone records indicating calls to a nefarious Doctor? Perhaps there is a pharmacist trainee who helped fill the prescription and took cash to the cash register for it?

So a man date rapes one woman and that is not an Capital Punishment offense per our current law. He rapes 6 that still isn't per our current law. So if indeed he raped 1000 with a date rape drug would you then agree he should be executed? And wouldn't that date rape drug cause birth defects; in my humble opinion the brain is the first to receive the birth defect and often it goes unnoticed as in Wilson’s Syndrome were the person has high verbal ability and low intelligence; a complete pre-dator monster in my honest opinion!

I have created a petition requiring Capital Punishment for Drug Dealers, Sexual molesters of Children and enslaving pimps. Good God I am going to have to rewrite to include drugging and raping.

Okay you want to liberalize the argument and say how many women go out on dates and drink and are therefore drugged by alcohol to have sex? I love that argument! Number one that woman drugged herself didn't she! Number two it is legal and it should not be. Number three, that alcohol creates Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) mental retards. In fact alcohol poisoning of fetuses is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere. Now what does the word RETARD mean per the dictionary? It means to delay the development of! How many Americans have a reading disorder called dyslexia that amounts to delayed development and therefore really a form of mental retardation? A shocking 14.5 to 43.5 million Americans! And who do you think it is talking to some of us in our heads if not those who cannot learn how to read?

So I suppose there are two ways for a female to cope with being raped? 1. She is traumatized for life. 2. You have created a wild a$$ed whore? The only reason I write that is because most people only consider number 1! And not the evil woman in our world who amount to number 2. And would those evil women placate such criminals in our media? Would they use lenient and misleading language such as, “Do you think this will affect his career?” And do you really want your children to go to school with the bastard single son of a wild a$$ed bar whore, who likely has a mental defect from alcohol and who is highly likely to be a mean bully?

So are we to believe the Republican Party fairy brain that six women impregnated by a man who gave them a date rape drug should have to keep those children? What kind of sick minded southern preacher did you grow up listening to? What kind of drunken hillbilly served as a father figure to you?

What white man would give a black man a date rape drug to rape white women with?

Now just to give you a case for segregation from the black perspective. There was a black baby who couldn't stop crying because she was left with a white woman at daycare. That white woman had to have looked like a scary bleached out ghost of a person to her.

But back the other way on marijuana. Some African woman gave their baby sons marijuana in order to calm them down! I have heard state research that it causes more delayed development, mental retardation, that alcohol.

Now here is one of the biggest lies of the last 100 years! That mental retardation is not hereditary! Mental retardation is hereditary! And here is why! How can a mentally retarded woman raise her child not to be mentally retarded? The whole nature versus nurture argument is only valid if you separate that baby from its mother and father via adoption, but again it isn't even valid there because that child is not having its brain imprinted by its natural parent! In other words we do not breed and market mentally retarded children for the adoption network. So the Catholic faith rose out of the Roman Empire that attempted to heathenize the Jews. The Bible does indeed tell us that Paul who was really Saul from the Orient killed all the Jews who were followers of Jesus Christ. But what do they market in every mass every given Sabbath of the year? Alcohol, wine! The very chemical that is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere! A woman is pregnant for 36 weeks of the year and takes wine at mass and otherwise? What are the odds that child will have a brain defect? Some Doctors recommend that the mother not even have one drop while pregnant. Now it gets even worse! How many get tanked up on champagne on their wedding night when they are likely to first conceive a child? How many get so tanked up they are 3 times the legal driving limit? Like I say before you won't see a brain deformation like a physical one but I believe it is the first thing to deform! What is proof of that? It is the way DNA unfolds from the nerve center first? And depending on the months of pregnancy when exposed to alcohol the baby might have formed a normal physic while important structures of the brain are still growing and developing? Remember the head is the biggest part of that baby! Keep in mind that is what makes us human isn't it! Who on earth other than the beast would want to expose that to something that would deform it? What a horror religion has been! It is really a means to foster a Kingdom of docile and easily convinced and manipulated fools! Those freaks have been heathenizing the human race for well over 2000 years now and it has to end!
Am I asserting that white women have had their freedom compromised because of fear of defamation of character and maintaining an appearance of not being prejudice when victimized and that it has been an egregious violation of their freedom of speech.  And here might be another of their fears!  Lets say our employment structure is defined as by who you know, networking.  Might a woman who was raped by a black man keep her mouth shut because she if she tells then white men are likely to readily victimize her too?  Now lets say all these bad men black and white gossip like hags and tell each other who puts out or is raped anyway?  That black man is going to brag to the white man at work isn't he?  That white man might not want that white woman because of it?  And the black man isn't going to say he drugged and raped her, that won't be his version of his hag gossip.  And there were a few other points that I missed in there but I'm about run out of keys for now.
One more point here!  A man becomes an actor as away to ape the achievements and lives of legitimate human beings.  And what else are we finding out?  He becomes very disturbed, even at his height of fame, in fact personally frustrated that he still isn't really the person he wants to be to make himself happy; so he drugs women and then rapes them?  He has in effect granted himself a right.  A right that even true Royalty doesn't deserve.  What am I getting at?  This person was mentally defective since birth and a great danger to civilization!  And I did not articulate that quite the way I wanted to, but I hope you get the point!

And don't be fooled if you think I am being hard on black people!  There are plenty of bad white people in this country who have not been brought to justice!

Now they are mentioning Shakespeare on the Radio.  One of his quotes is first thing we do is kill all the lawyers.  What bothers me is when a legal and medical profession all share the black haplotype gene to the detriment of the white middle class?  I think that amounts to injustice and a detriment to our freedom and national and world security!

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally published on 11 20 2014 at:
But I wanted to relay the point that I heard that up to 40% of homeless youth are LGBT?  It is still something I am attempting to analyze.

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