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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Green 18 Green 18 11 30 2014

Green 18 Green 18     11 30 2014

When did they first start using that "call" at the scrimmage line?

Per my memory it was Mark Chmura and Brett Favre that were at a party.  And maybe Favre wasn't there, or maybe he had left already or maybe he was in the kitchen.

Green= it is symbolic for someone that is young and new at something like "Green horn" is.

18 is the age when a person first is legally considered an adult by some measures.

I have knowledge of someone who was in high school at the same time I was.  His father was a coach.  And I heard that sometimes that mature adult man would go down south just for a guys vacation.  And pick up women!  Even though he was indeed married.

Green 18?  I have also been at parties when there is a party girl.  I have also heard guys talking about a party girl (not a paid performer) being at the party.  You know from a different high school or college or whatever?

I don't know when they first started using that term Green 18.  But if it was used before Favre from the South came North I would wonder if there was hidden controversy of this nature before?

Do boys playing High School football on Friday nights look forward to a party girl afterwards?  Might they call Green 18?

Oh I might just be making something out of nothing.  But I had to say it.  Why?  Because the underage woman at that party and the trial Mark Chmura was in.  And a Boyle was his lawyer.

What am I getting at?  Why does it bother me?  Because I don't think jocks should have the right to get women they aren't going to marry knocked up!  I don't think they should have the right to create fatherless sons and daughters!  And I believe that we got this ill will insurgency after the reconstruction of the South from the Civil War.  That element should not have been integrated into our society.  And indeed about 9 out of 10 Presidents have since FDR who broke the Constitution and legalized alcohol, have come from the South or had a strong affiliation to it.

Now I want to make a point about Panama and the Panama Canal being the only link between Columbia and Central America!  I also wanted to point out what U.S. President gave up control of it and that the heroin in the heroin epidemic in the United States comes from Columbia!

And why have we ever been dropping or using landmines?  A United States soldier will be court marshaled by letting the magazine rip in a tense situation but we can leave landmines in areas forever and then a young beautiful dark haired girl who did nothing wrong is lamed by them?  What a horror!  All post FDR in U.S. history.  And members of his cabinet were in place up to was it Kennedy or Johnson admin?  Or just up to the Kennedy assassination to put it in the terminology of historical alibi?

And how was Plantation land acquired in the South?  Was it by some whore of a woman and her heathen children driving neighbor after neighbor out of their minds?  Are there real estate agencies and mortgage operations that work on that same evil principle?  How many slaves did George Washington really have and how many acres did he have?

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