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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Question for Scott Walker "Why do you believe you should be entitled to receive $10 million dollars?" 11 23 2014

Question for Scott Walker "Why do you believe you should be entitled to receive $10 million dollars?" 11 23 2014

Anyone notice how when I started on that tune he changed his wording to Government Dependency?  Scott why don't you tell us all how we can get a gift of $10 million dollars just like you did?  What is your secret Scott?  Scott what is the secret to getting a $10 million dollar gift?

I have already made the point that those who gave him that money should have had to put it in the general pot instead. 

Aha!!  There we go!  So and so put that much money into political action, perhaps that person wants to give the rest of us fast times people a tax break by compensating with a larger funding of the Government!  Get it?  They didn't have the money to fund the Government!  Instead they would just put all that money in one person who is worth it?  One person who didn't even graduate from college.  What does that make Scott?  Someone who isn't as qualified to get a job and hence will do what the money tells him to!  How many drunks son's and daughters in the beer state are just like him?

He has yet to ferry Wisconsin to the other side of the river and the tenderfoots want him to have the responsibility to ferry the United States across the seas?  We aren't supposed to pay the ferrymen with coin or credit until they get us to the other side?  All this talk of him being President is sickening.  It is about the sycophant equivalent translated to pseudo media work of asking him if he will play golf with you next week!  These suckling mouth adult males don't belong here!

When I was in college I asked a person why they voted for a Republican and I kept at that person for a concrete answer.  He hemmed and hawed and started to get nervous like I was onto something personal about his cognitive state, you know something he didn't want to talk about because he was ashamed!  Try it out!  Keep asking them why they like a certain candidate until you reach that level of personal shame for not wanting to really say why!  You will have a humorous memory for a lifetime!  His father might have been a German American Dentist?

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