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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Who are the Republicans trying to fool on immigration? 11 20 2014

Who are the Republicans trying to fool on immigration? 11 20 2014

It was George Bush's state of Texas and Jeb Bushes state of Florida that the illegal immigrants came here from!  Blame your own ineptitude and blindly following propagandized leadership that is truly inept.

You let them all in the United States and expected us to have great stress in dealing with it?  It was you who hired them to undercut the rest of us!  It was you who paid them cash under the table.  You don't want them to go, you brought them here!  So when city after city is poisoned with heroin, etc, may it serve as a great example that you should have never run for leadership positions!  This is what your leadership got us!  You had to aspire to be something you weren't qualified to be like the spoiled child whose mother encouraged him.  Now you want the honest American Middle class to foot the bill? 

Here try this on for size!  You claim that those who hear voices have a mental defect?  Why don't you deport every single one of us!  We already know you aren't going to do that and we know why!  You are dependent upon our minds because your parents were socialite drinkers and you were born with a brain defect from FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome!)  Bow out gracefully!  You are nothing without your hosts and you know it!  And the Bible uses the term accurately but greatly misinterpreted by those who have bad motivation!

Aha that is just it isn't it!  The Republicans caused the problem so they are now taking responsibility for it!  Amen!  But wait they are not really taking responsibility for the problem are they!  Instead they are directing their anger at Obama!  Like he is taking away their pacifier of cheap landscaping labor and easy drugs; and also the ability to use those drugs to create genocide (heroin death).

Obama is sequestering them in facilities isn't he!  Perhaps that is key here!  It eliminates the drug trade by them?  It eliminates the economy of those who are paying them an illegal wage in the United States!  Aha!  Very smart!

You want to say that if the Republicans really wanted to end the problem that they would not have caused it!  But discipline logic doesn't apply to the wealth class!  You want to say if Republicans really wanted to end the problem then George Bush Republican Governor of Texas and Jeb of Florida would not have let them stream in the country those two states that they came in from the most!  But again applying blame and therefore reform to the wealth class doesn't work because they were never effectively disciplined once in their life!  Instead their parents projected self pity on them!  And what that leads to is them believing that they are divinely right in all their actions when indeed it amounts to mental retardation.  And there is indeed a member of the Bush family who is overtly mentally retarded.  What are the odds there are far more than one?  Very high!  What if George Bush's God that he say's he has a personal relationship with is really a man whose is made to hear voices in his head by evil mentally defective children as that Bush family member was?  It is about like Ronald Reagan consulting with a female Fortune Teller from the Vassar University.  Please Miss America league with your spoon tapping music skills don't haze the few, the proud and the brave remaining American Citizens!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2014
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